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I’m back with the popular bridal series and his week, we’re talking bridal hair care and wedding hair accessories!

1 – Get the right colour/treatment 

If you are thinking about trying a new colour or style, then trial it as early as possible. This way, you are giving your hair a good chance to recover should things not go according to plan. A few years back, when Jennifer Aniston tried a particular hair treatment that was new to the market at the time, she ended up having to cut her hair up short such was the damage it caused. Make sure you do your research before you go for a new hair treatment fad and discuss it thoroughly with your stylist first.

I always say, stay safe for your wedding day. Think long and hard about what colour you would like to be and work towards that 18 months in advance to ensure you have the right tones and conditioned hair you are after.

Remember – hair is a HUGE thing on your wedding day.


sosueme bridal

2 – The secret to long healthy hair

Regular trims and a good supplement plan should be a priority if you want your hair looking full, shiny and healthy. There are so many brands of vitamins out there specifically designed to help improve your hair, skin and nails, and if you’re a bride-to-be, then these are DEFINITELY worth checking out.

I know the Perfectil supplements quite good but I have also used Boots own range of vitamins in the past too and was equally as impressed by the results. Up until recently, I was using JuicePlus supplements. I started them a few months back after I heard about them from a friend, and I really did notice a change in how I felt so much so that I think I’ll go back on them for the winter.

As I mentioned in my first bridal blog post, the right supplements can make a big difference in how you feel, and when you’re planning a wedding, you’re going to need to feel your energetic best!

sosueme bridal

3 – Treatments

If you want your hair to look its absolute best on your big day, then you are going to have to start a series of nourishing treatments suitable for your hair type. The key is to begin these as early as possible, ideally 12 months in advance. DON’T leave it until the last minute.

Try also to get into a routine of applying a hair mask once a week. I love the BTX hair treatment that most salons do – its AMAZING. So look into that too.

4 – Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are not just for ladies who want long hair. They’re brilliant for anyone who wants to add a little thickness and volume to their hair.

Earlier this year, you might remember I had a few inches cut from my hair but I still had my Gold Fever extensions applied for that little bit of extra thickness.
Suzanne Jackson

Of course, hair extensions are also wonderful for those who have naturally very fine hair, or even damaged hair, and want long healthy-looking voluminous tresses for their big day. Just ensure you go for good quality hair extensions and only have them applied by a fully qualified extensionist. I always have my hair extensions taken care of in Cowboys & Angels hair salon or by Ceira Lambert, both of whom who very well-known for their excellent hair extension application.

5 – Find the right stylist

If you are not already with your ideal hair stylist, start looking asap. Recommendations are good, but everyone is different so don’t rely on suggestions alone when looking for a wedding hair stylist.

Buy Irish wedding magazines and look at the photo shoots, both in the fashion section and social section. If any of the photo-shoot hairstyles catch your eye – rip that page out. ALWAYS bring pictures to your trials, as what you have in your head could be completely different to what’s in the stylists head.

sosueme bridal

If you don’t like the style they create, speak up. You’re not offending the stylist by politely saying a particular style is not to your taste. After all, the purpose of the trial is to find out what works on you and what doesn’t, and the last thing your stylist wants is for you to leave the salon unhappy.

Don’t be afraid to be fussy either. It’s your big day, (and an expensive one at that), so you’re entitled to be happy. Of course, in saying that, there’s a fine line between fussy and fiery…don’t be that diva bride!

Pictures are key and so are TRIALS. Try to do this 6-8 months in advance so you know what you want and are confident before your big day!


6 – Experiment

Maybe you have an idea in mind about what you want, and if you do, that’s great, but don’t let those ideas limit your thinking either. Get out of your comfort zone and try new ideas. I often find, particularly when it comes to clothes, there might be certain items I’ll reject because I don’t like the look of them or because I assume they won’t look good on me, but my agent Jules always encourages me to try them on anyway and very often, those are the very pieces I’ll end up loving!

The point is, even if you always thought you’d wear a veil on your wedding day, well don’t let that stop you from trying on head pieces and hair accessories. Part of the fun in planning a wedding is getting to play dress up!

Head pieces and hair accessories don’t have to cost the earth either.

Here are some pieces to consider (and remember, you don’t have to wear the hair accessory the same way the model is wearing is. A good hair stylist will work it around the hairstyle or vice versa.)

aoife cogan

As soon as I spotted this statement pearl headpiece, it reminded me of the one Aoife Cogan wore for her wedding to rugby player Gordon D’Arcy. (Wasn’t her gown so beautiful? The whole look, from the hair to the makeup, just suited her perfectly!)

If you’re going for a similar style to Aoife, then the headpiece above from Missguided would be well-worth considering.

Statement pearl head piece – here (similar here

ASOS Headbands

Love rocks headband – here // Occasion headband – here

download (22)

The Drenewan net hair tie from Aldo would be a good choice if you are going for a vintage style.

Aldo floral – here // Aldo Drenewan net hair tie – here

revolve headpieces

Double foliage headband – here // Swarovski crystal headband – here 


Midnight soriee hair comb – here // Wisteria comb – here


Either of these would be perfect for the bride who is going for a Gatsby or boho style

Beaded headband – here // Rock n’ Rose Cressida headband – here

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Really hope this post gave you lots of inspo and guidance.

If you have any questions,just pop them below! 





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