The Victoria’s Secret Beauty Diaries – Adriana Lima

As you know, we here at SoSueMe have begun a weekly VS Beauty Diaries, where we reveal the products used by the  gorgeous faces of Victoria’s Secret.

Well this week, we decided it was the turn of Adriana Lima.


Adriana is THE ultimate Victoria’s Secret model. Always has been, always will be.

Not only has she always been one of my favourite VS models, but she seems like a real girly-girl who would enjoy makeup, so of course I was dying to find out what her favourite products are. Surprisingly, she uses very few!

The Brazilian beauty credits a healthy diet and rigid exercise regime for her near-perfect skin and amazing figure, but let’s face it, the makeup and skincare products do play their part too!
While Adriana is famously reserved when it comes to spilling the details of her beauty and skincare regime, she has slipped a few secrets here and there over the years!

Here, we reveal all!

Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil

Adriana says the secret to her youthful-looking skin is her love of oils, which helps to keep her skin hydrated.

Her go-to-oil, which she admits to keeping in her bag at all times, is the Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil. The bad news is that it costs $150. If you still fancy splashing out for it, you can get it from oliolusso-shop.com.


Shu Uemura Makeup

As I mentioned in my book, Secrets To Blogging, Fashion & Beauty, Miss Lima has been a long-term fan of the Shu Uemura range of make-up, but, whenever she wants to give her face a day off from full make-up, as she regularly does, she just mixes a little shimmer powder with her daily moisturiser and SPF, and applies it to her face for that subtle glow!

Coconut Water

The model puts her glowing healthy skin down to her habit of drinking coconut water every day. Juices containing Acai are another favourite of hers.

Natura Cosmetics

Adriana once told a magazine that she always stocks up on Nautra Cosmetics whenever she is home in Brazil. While its not a very well known brand here in Europe, Natura is actually Brazil’s number one leading cosmetics manufacturer. Adriana is a huge fan of their products.

Victoria’s Secret Mascara

She may openly prefer the natural look, however the one product Adriana will never skimp on is mascara. If anything, she overuses it! By her own admission, she doesn’t just apply just one or two coats,  but rather three or four layers a few times throughout the day! The Victoria’s Secret Mascara is her weapon of choice.

Victoria’s Secret Eye Pencil

Adriana is as equally as big a fan of eyeliner as she is of mascara, and she loves to use the Victoria’s Secret Eye Pencil, because, “it is easy to apply, it glides on, and stays on perfectly.”


Spray Water & Lip Balm

Adriana previously told E! that she “always carried spray water” to mist on her face. She also likes to keep her lips moisturised with lip balm, and when it comes to moisturising lipsticks, her favourite brand is NARS.

Fekkai Beach Waves Spray

Adriana likes to give her hair some texture by using a sea salt spray, and she is said to like the Fekkai Beach Waves Spray. This particular product is also a favourite of her fellow VS model, Candice Swanepoel. Adriana is also said to like avocado hair masks, and she once raved of their results, particularly when it came to adding shine and moisture to hair.


Flaxseed Oil

Even supermodels want their hair to grow faster (and shinier!) Adriana’s trick is flaxseed oil tablets. She once said, “If you want your hair to grow faster, you can take flaxseed oil or a flaxseed supplement, just ask your doctor. It’s great! It will make your hair super shiny and its going to grow fast.”

And there you have it! Adriana’s favourites! Just comment below if there is any particular VS model you would like us to feature!

Sue xx


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  1. Emma Kelly
    19 July 2014 / 13:43

    Please feature Karlie Kloss! She’s so beautiful xx

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