10 Fashion Faux-Pax’s We All Made In The 90s


The 90’s was a magical decade where most of us ‘twenty-somethings’ grew up. And in growing up we learned a lot of life lessons, especially in the area of fashion. We witnessed and dabbled in several new trends that formed in the 90’s – From ‘Grunge’ to ‘Girl Power’.

Some 90’s trends were cool enough to have repeat themselves, but some of them are best hidden away in the dark photo albums of our Mum’s attic’s never to be revisited again.

Let’s see what some of these fashion faux-pax’s were …

1) Spice Girl wedges Spicegirls

The Spice Girls arrival was an iconic movement for us tweens in the nineties. Not only were we addicted to their songs (and memorizing their dances in our bedrooms) They also started the positive ‘Girl Power’ attitude. Unfortunately they also brought with them some terrible fashion choices.

Those giant wedged shoes. We all had them, right? Usually in some kind of tacky bright shade. Worn with knee-socks a la ‘Baby Spice or worse still … leopard print a la ‘Scary Spice’.

2) Huge cotton head-bands


What we wear now to hold our hair back in the gym, or applying our make-up, We wore as an actual ‘fashion statement’. No, just no.

3) Double Denim


Not in the cool ‘Alexa Chung’ preppy way. But in the god-awful cringey ‘B*Witched’ way.

4) Shell Track-Suits


There are no words really.

5) Dog Collars


Didn’t most of us go through the phase of thinking we were witches after watching ‘The Craft’? Unless you could pull off the goth look, you were subjected to really bad ‘dog-walking’ jokes from your drunk Uncles while you scowled in the corner of family gatherings trying to put spells on everyone.

6) Tiny tinted sunglasses


The epitome of 90s eye-wear. Coloured lenses are one thing we pray don’t come back into style.

7) Dozens of Hair-Clips

enhanced-buzz-22423-1337617930-4 (Custom)

We would bunch dozens of pieces of our hair and clip them back with plastic hair ‘claws’. The more, the trendier. Perfectly acceptable on your 3 year old child nowadays. Not acceptable for your 16 year old self.

8) Hologram Necklaces


Along with our spiked dog collars we also wore hologram necklaces. They varied from eye-balls to peace signs and marijuana leaves, sometimes we wore them all at once. Very cool.

9) Fold-back Velvet Hats

download (17)

Remember velvet floppy hats? They usually had a folded back front with some kind of flower or embellishment sewn on. Sometimes we pinned badges all over them too, We were trendy like that.

10) Bandanas Fotor0912114142

To top off our look we threw a casual bandana on our head, as you do like. Unaware of the fact that we weren’t bikers or pirates, we followed the footsteps of J Lo and Xtina and tried to look ‘gangsta’. The braver of us even wore them as a top!!!

How many of these 90s fashion faux-pax’s are you guilty of?




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  1. Mya dyer
    13 June 2016 / 21:23

    Oh the 90’s fashion is and will always be the worst…. And now it’s a novelty for bad rappers and d-list pop singers to wear because it’s soooo cool to be “vintage.”

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