Marbella Holiday ‘What I Wore’ Diaries: My Full x7 Outfits In Detail!


Hi guys, as promised in my ‘How To Fake It’ tanning blog post –  I would be back with my highly requested Holiday What I Wore Diaries.

After every holiday I do a round up of all of the outfits I wore letting you know where I purchased them and how I teamed my outfit choices together. This time there was a bit of controversy over why I was wearing River Island on my holidays and the reason is I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had a lot of time to go holiday shopping.

When I headed to one of my favourite shopping centres – Pavilllion’s in Swords, River Island  had so much to choose from  – I absolutely LOVED everything and ended up wanting the whole shop.

The collection they have for Summer at the moment is unreal and very much my style. So, no I wasn’t sponsored and no the hen/holiday was not paid for so I could wear their stuff….. and  to be honest, I will probably be wearing a lot more RI for my next holiday at the end of the month. I especially LOVE their swim wear… its FAB and so on trend.

If I was dressed head to toe in Chanel & Gucci and Prada every day, then people would have something to moan about. At least River Island appeals to everyone and it’s accessible for all of you; my stylish readers. 🙂

Judging by most of the comments and likes – a lot of you loved my holiday wardrobe and so here it is in full with links to shop  some of your fav items 🙂

Sue xx

Outfit 1.


Loved this swim suit and body chain! I wore this outfit to Ocean Club with a cool, flowy maxi over it.

Shop the look:

outfit 1:22

outfit 1:2

Outfit 2.

outfit 2

This kimono actually went with every bikini I had with me and its SO much nicer in real life. Defo one of my fav summer pieces.

Shop the look:


Outfit 3.


This dress went down a treat with you guys! Costing just €37 it’s is a bargain!! I teamed it with a pop of colour and chose neon pink shoes also from River Island. Love adding a bit of colour when wearing a black dress.

Shop the look:

outfit 2:2



Outfit 4.

outfit 4

I chose this cool bright orange / tribal printed two piece to head down to Sala Beach for the day. Sala beach is a beach club and its pretty glam… so I went with this outfit and I got a lot of comments about it. Not for everyone, I take that on board… but if you like prints and summer brights, then you will love this! River Island actually Instagrammed a picture of me in this bikini, that was so cool to see 🙂

Shop the look:

outfit 44

outfit 4:4

Outfit 5.

1622822_644120452338022_6056690664004753316_n (1)

Most of the time when I am going out at night, I love simple basics. So this night I opted for exactly that pairing a leather mini and a plain T. This t-shirt is so fab on because it actually Kris/Crosses quite low at the back adding a bit of glam to a basic outfit.

Shop the look:

outfit 5:5

outfit 5

Outfit 6.


On my last day, I opted for a plain back bikini that had gorgeous detailing on the straps of the both the bikini and bottoms. I also accessorised with this stunning tassel kimono that ha the most amazing sequin and beading detail ever along the hem.

Shop the look:

  • Bikini Top: Not on the website




Outfit 7.

photo (2)

Heading home I wanted to be comfortable, yet stylish and so I teamed these together.

Shop the look:











And that’s it guys…. I hope you liked the outfits I teamed together and you took away some outfit inspo!! Thank you so much for all of your kind words and comments while I was away! You guys rock!! 

Happy Shopping!

Sue xx




  1. Nicole
    5 June 2014 / 00:17

    OMGGGG just reading over these comments. Some people have a serious case of the green eyed monster!! Fair play to ya Sue.. a cool hobby has resulted in being paid to wear gorgeous clothes! This is every girls dream, some obviously don’t want to work as hard!!
    With a lot of success comes a lot of negativity. Your doing something right 🙂

  2. Carly
    2 June 2014 / 21:13

    Love all your outfits! i follow on insta and this is my first time having the chance to really look at your blog! im glad thy are all from RI i love to shop in there and i dont have to troll web pages to find what you are wearing coz u tell me!

    ps i dont get why people care if you make money/get free clothes they are getting free styling advice and full outfits you can just go to a link and buy!


  3. 2 June 2014 / 13:51

    Thanks Cara, they have an amazing summer range xx

  4. 2 June 2014 / 13:50

    Thank you Molly, I’m going to post fitness blog soon xx

  5. 2 June 2014 / 13:49

    Hi Sabrina, I dont think I should I have to explain that I earn a tiny % of commission through sales on reward style? A lot of bloggers all over the world use it… I have wrote reviews and wore clothing for 4 years and never earned a penny from it… and everything sold out too.

    There is no harm in using an affiliate programme…. it has nothing to do with River Island. Topshop, asos all the big brands are on and most bloggers are using it. Thank you for your comment x

  6. sara
    29 May 2014 / 13:03

    Just going by a comment I saw you share on another post. You say you only ever review products that you like; well surely the chief purpose of a blogger is to review the good and the bad, and show the particular advantages and disadvantages to a certain product so that readers of your blog will know what works and what to potentially avoid? It is crystal clear that you only give 5 stars and don’t talk about the let down products because you are afraid of damaging your relationship with that brand and fearful you won’t get sent any more products by them. Who do you think you are fooling though really? People are starting to see you for not the blogger, but the blagger that you really are. I expect this post to be met with nothing more than a hostile and aggressive reply, as that is after all all you are capable of giving. You even blocked me off instagram for leaving you a comment similar to this, nothing nasty, but you obviously couldn’t take it. So keep going Sue, keep blocking your followers one by one and see where that gets you.

    Cue Sue’s defensive and aggressive reply, followed shortly by the onslaught of “well said Sue” comments in 3…2….1………

  7. Les K
    27 May 2014 / 06:10

    Who cares if she gets her clothes for free or not, or if she is making money from any additional purchases via her links. Ye would want to get a serious life the lot of ye! looking fab Sue xo

  8. Carrie
    26 May 2014 / 18:40

    You look fantastic !! Definitely agree you should be honest that you are given the river island clothes !! They obviously let you take whatever you want, and it’s all you took with you !! Making it way too obvious !!!! It’s just becoming like advertising and people that follow aren’t bothered with clothes you’re paid to wear – they want to see what great style you have and not what you are advertising !!

  9. Lisa Doran
    23 May 2014 / 21:14

    River Island have fab summer clothing this year, its quite easy to buy every holiday piece in there & actually everything is so reasonably prices 🙂
    Some lovely pieces put together there 🙂
    Keep it up 🙂

  10. Cara
    22 May 2014 / 12:48

    Just back from hols myself and cept for 2 penneys dresses and a pair of skechers my whole suitcase for the 2 weeks was packed with riverisland items both from last years and this years stock…when it comes to summer gear they get so right style wize and comfort wize. Its a pity I’m broke after holiers as I see they have loads of pretty items added since I was away! You looked fab Sue! xxx

  11. kate
    22 May 2014 / 00:54

    You commented yourself on a photo when people commented on RI sponsoring you to wear these clothes that ‘every blogger gets sent stuff to wear, its not a big deal’…so youve backtracked on this statement now?
    Also notice you pick and choose which comments to reply to, if you dont have a come back, nothing, but get your back up if people happen to be incorrect

  12. Zara
    21 May 2014 / 14:01

    Am i not reading the blog corectly – I thought she explained why she wore River Island for her holidays.

  13. Ta
    21 May 2014 / 11:06

    By the way I do love your blog and think you are great so that’s why I would be a little disappointed by just River Island..It doesn’t seem like you…what happened to your Penney’s holiday hauls?

  14. Ta
    21 May 2014 / 11:04

    It’s fairly obvious that you are making money from wearing river island clothes..we are not stupid. Why would anyone just wear River Island and nothing else unless the were getting paid for it.You should just be honest.

  15. Sabrina
    20 May 2014 / 12:51

    Hi Suzanne, love your blog. I couldn’t help but pick up on all the r.styleme links to all your recent postings. I think it is only fair that you fully disclose to your fans that you are making a commission off any purchases made via these links or on the website directly for another 30 days. I may have my facts wrong here but would love if you were fully open with your fans. x

  16. Sandra Dempsey
    19 May 2014 / 20:11

    Love your style

  17. Molly
    19 May 2014 / 19:55

    Looking gorgeous in everything and all your friends are stunning too. Inspiring me to go to the gym and eat healthy:-) xxx

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