Beauty: 5 Things to Avoid for Healthy Skin


It’s almost guaranteed that we are all guilty of a few skin sins that mean we’re having more break outs than we would like or maybe our skin is drying out recently. Below we explain 5 things we should all avoid to ensure that our skin is healthy and glowing.



Avoid Products in Jars

The active ingredients in some skin products, like anti ageing formulas, are broken down and damaged when they are repeatedly exposed to light and air, which they naturally will be when a jar is opened. Beauty experts worn that after time this will mean that products will become less effective.  If you can, use products like moisturisers and lotions that come in tubes.


Avoid Cotton Pillowcases

According to those in the know, lying on a cotton pillowcase at night can cause friction on the skin and creases will form on the face, but as collagen levels in the skin decrease this can become permanent! Satin or silk pillowcases are recommended to reduce trauma to the skin. If you’re not too worried about your collagen levels just yet, remember to regularly wash your pillow cases as the bacteria they accumulate can contribute to break outs.


Avoid Harsh Cleaners

Anyone who is acne prone or suffers with oily skin, will know all too well the daily battle with exfoliators and cleansers to try to clear break outs and dry out the skin. This may be something worth avoiding however! Research has actually shown that harsh cleansers and skin care products that strip the skin of oil also rids the skin of the good protective oils it needs, encouraging it to produce more oil, which will in turn increase break outs. Experts recommend a nourishing, creamy face wash.


Avoid Sleeping in your Make up

This is probably something we are all guilty of doing after a late night! Experts say that not removing make up properly, or not removing it at all, clogs your oil glands and make up gets comfortable within those pores, which makes them appear larger. As we age and collagen in the skin declines, pores will find it more difficult to adjust and they can remain enlarged. As well as that, it can also irritate your pores which can result in break outs.

Avoid Applying Thick Products before Thin Products

Applying skincare products in the right order is immensely helpful. Experts recommend applying products according to consistency after cleansing, starting with thin preparations like toners and serums and moving up to thicker ones like creams and lotions. The reason for this is because heavy products like creams can stop light products from penetrating the skin.

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