NYC – Update 3 & What I Wore Today!


Hellooooooo, Happy Saturday  – how is everyones weekend going so far?

My NYC trip is going GREAT… I am loving it here as you know from reading update one and two, however I am still totally jet lagged!

I took a trip down to the local pharmacy yesterday and picked up a remedy called Melatonin which is a supplement that helps you sleep, relax and then you wake up feeling totally refreshed. I took one last night before heading to bed and I feel much better today. If you’re travelling long haul and like me your body NEEDS sleep  – you should pick these up before you go! They are prescription only in Ireland though, so you’ll need to take a trip to your doctor first. They really work and something I didn’t know before heading out here. The jet lag really gets you!!

Anyway… I don’t have a full day 3 blog post for you guys because I have to keep some content for my book a secret 😉 but today we headed to Central Park and I LOVED it. The place is MASSIVE, so beautiful, green and peaceful.

Myself and Dyl took some shots down there for my book and I’m really happy with them.

Here is a sneaky What I Wore…


Skirt: Buy similar here //  Jacket: Buy here / Shirt: Buy here // Booties: Buy here // Bag: Buy similar here // Chain: Buy here // Hat: Givenchy vintage hat I bought over here for $65 🙂 // Ring: Buy here // Watch Buy here

As you can see, his is actually all River Island bar my jewellery and hat, I just love grey and leather at the mo.

Anyway- thats it for now guys, Tuesday we are heading on the SATC tour and I am SO excited for that one…

Now I am back in our apartment to write for my book and get ready for dinner.

I’ll catch up with you in the next few days 🙂

Sue xx 




  1. 23 September 2014 / 12:11

    Thanks Suzanne, I think I was just sleep deprived. I couldn’t sleep at all.. these worked for me. I only took them three times over there. I was exhausted. Thanks for the heads up! Sue x

  2. 23 September 2014 / 12:10

    I bought the 6… so I went a size down coz it it very over sized on x

  3. Rachel
    18 September 2014 / 10:17

    Did you get the jacket in a smaller size or your usual size? It doesnt look as nice online as it does here in your pics!!

  4. Alittlelondoner
    16 September 2014 / 19:36

    I agree, jet lag is usually on the way back!

  5. suzanne
    15 September 2014 / 01:39

    Just be careful,Melatonin is not a supplement it’s a synthetic version of your natural sleep hormone. As with all hormones it has risky side affects, biggest I found with it it can cause severe depression a few days after use. Although it’s otc in the states you wouldn’t go on hrt if you didn’t have a proper exam . Keep the mg low and occasional use. It’s unusual for someone to get jet lag traveling west for only 6 hours as jet lag usually happens traveling east which will make it a lot worse when you are coming home.

  6. 14 September 2014 / 20:15

    Cute hat! I’d love to visit New York one day, it looks amazing!

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