Street Chic: Top 3 Headwear Trends!

Headwear accessories especially hats, are one of the most significant things that spice up any look for the colder season acting as a marker of the overall style and just being cool to experiment with. A stylish but comfy hat can add a dynamic to your outfit. If you’re in a rush in the morning or it’s just one of those days and you’re not willing to make the extra effort for work or college a hat can add that edgy or glam look.

Here are my top 3  headwear trends keeping you snug for winter!

1. Fur hats – They have hit the high streets with a bang and are the must have head wear for this winter. They immediately add class to an outfit and scream sophistication. They are so feminine, comfy and keep your ears and head warm. A lot of these fur hats don’t completely cover your whole head, they are worn just on your forehead and over your ears. An easy way to add character to a plain outfit!

Topshop €25

Asos €25.71

2. Beanie hats are back! Coming back with a big diversity of looks, types and different colours. They will always have their place on the fave list of ladies and fashion designers. A bright coloured beanie will add that pop of colour brightening your face in the dull evenings!

River Island €17



Cat ears were such a trend this year with celebs like Taylor swift and Beyonce supporting them, the trend continues with beanie hats!

Zara €9.95 also comes in cream


Fun and quirky beanies – add that sense of humour to your outfit.

Debenhams €16.80


Debenhams €34.95


3. The Fedora – the ultimate headwear of the year and especially for winter! If you fancy a fedora now is your time to wear it, winter 2014 is all about the fedora craze. Sue is a huge fan, have you seen her Givenchy fedora yet? They add sheer class and style to any outfit.

River Island €32


River Island €33 also available in beige and camel colour


Keep up with the trend while keeping snug this winter!

Pictures:(Pinterest, River Island, Topshop, Asos, Debenhams)


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