What’s In My Handbag…

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Perfume, lipbalms, makeup bag, Filofax, iPhone and charger, iPad, glasses, hand cream, hair brush, backcombing brush, business cards … my handbag is bordering on ‘suitcase status’ at this rate!

I’m a handbag girl at heart, and I always will be! Even when I’m in my 90’s, I fully intend to be carrying a big-assed tote (hopefully Hermés!!!) … I won’t care if I’m constantly falling over with the weight of it! haha!

I am regularly asked by interviewers about the contents of my handbag, so it must be a topic of interest, and, with that in mind, here’s the full low-down on it! Enjoy!


1 – Filofax. I keep everything in the pages of my Filofax – my appointments, notes, meeting prep, business reminders, everything! I loved this particular leather pink Filofax from the moment I saw it, and it pretty much goes everywhere with me.

2 – Prada Sunglasses. A necessity for those rare days the sun is shining, (or for when concealer just isn’t enough to hide the tiredness from a late night of writing!)

3 – iPhone 6+. When it’s not in my bag, it’s in my hand or up to my ear! I would be absolutely lost without my phone. Of course its battery life is brutal (although at least it’s better than the 5 anyway), so I always have to bring my phone charger with me as well!

4 – Vaseline. Dry lips are a curse. They also cost me a fortune in lipbalms! I have a ton of them around the house, in the car, and of course in my handbag. I have lots of favourite lip softeners, but you really can’t beat good ol’ Vaseline, can you?

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I bought my first ever ‘Louis’ after I wrote my first book last year. I had pretty much spent my entire summer inside constantly writing, rewriting, and editing, so when the manuscript was finally complete, I treated myself to my first ever Louis Vuitton handbag.

I had wanted one for years but could never justify splashing out for one. I know some people might be of the opinion that fashion bloggers collect pricey designer bags by the dozen, and maybe some do, but I always prefer to purchase one following an achievement or a milestone in my life. That way, the bag will never become just another ‘thing’, it becomes a symbol of a specific accomplishment.

Now, every time I look at it, I’m reminded of a special time in my life. I use the bag all the time, and because the quality is so good, I know I will have it for years to come!


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5 – Louis Vuitton make-up bag. Every girl has her bag of tricks, and this one is mine! It’s so neat and compact but yet still big enough to hold all the cosmetic necessities. (thank you mum and dad for this 30th birthday pressie)

6 – Kinvara Skincare Rosehip Face Serum. The rosehip face serum from Kinvara Skincare is a product you will almost always find in my handbag, particularly if I’m flying off somewhere or working late at an event. My God, is this one hell of an intense skin rescuer. I always notice a massive difference in my skin when I’m using this. My skin looks and feels fresh, and even my make-up just glides on! You can read my review here.

7 – NYX Butter Gloss. The NYX range of Butter Glosses are so fab on. The shade you see in the picture is called Fortune Cookie. It’s a type of nude shade that looks really good for day wear. When I want a splash of colour, I love the Strawberry Parfait shade. I even featured these Butter Glosses in my new book as one of my favourite beauty products of 2014. They are seriously amazing, and so inexpensive too. Win win! You can read my review here.

8 – Michael Kors Wallet. Michael comes everywhere with me! You might remember I posted on here before about how my experience in retail has led me to believe that a person’s style can be judged pretty accurately by the type of wallet or purse they carry. It’s a small item but it’s one that speaks volumes. My Michael Kors wallet was part of an anniversary gift from Dylan. It has been everywhere with me, but it still looks as good as new because the quality is so good. I love it.

– Jo Malone Lime & Basil fragrance. Anyone who knows me knows that this perfume is my signature scent! I have loads of perfumes that I love, but this is definitely my all-time favourite! I also have some Jo Malone candles throughout my house too. Her fragrances are amazing. Next time you’re in BT’s, check out the lime and basil scent. It’s so divine!

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10: And the rest…

Missonni Glasses. I got these Missonni specs last year after an eye test confirmed I needed glasses for things like reading and typing! It turned out I was long sighted, which was why my eyes would become quite tired quite fast whenever I was working on my laptop. It was also the reason I would get such awful headaches after spending a long day on the computer. Once I started to wear the glasses though, it solved all my problems! I chose the Missonni frames for their fab geek chic appeal. I don’t think the geek chic trend will ever date. You can read about my glasses journey here.

Business cards. These go everywhere with me. You just never know where or when you will make new contacts. That’s the thing about blogging. Even on your days off, you are working! If you want to keep your business cards neat and tidy, I would recommend picking up a stylish business card holder.

iPad. I had wanted one of these for so long. It’s just so handy to have for blogging, researching and sorting out pics for the blog while on a long journey.  

Canon Camera. It’s not always possible to bring my beloved Canon with me because it’s quite bulky. Of course, there are times when I can’t be without it. It went everywhere with me when I was in New York, and I often bring it with me when Dylan and I go shooting some street style fashion shots for the blog.


Hand sanitiser.

Mini toothbrush kit.

Backcombing brush / Hairbrush.

More lipbalms!

There you go guys, the contents in full!

Now you know why my handbags are often enormous! haha!

Sue xx






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  1. Ciara Laheen
    8 December 2014 / 22:25

    Where is the best place to buy a Filofax diary?? xx

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