Style Inspo Lookbook: Dynasty’s Cristal Carrington

We ADORE the Dynasty series on Netflix but our style fave has got to be season 1 & 2’s Cristal Carrington.

Her wardrobe during those seasons were just serious goals so given how much you guys loved our Fallon Carrington style inspo lookbook, we decided to feature the ever stylish Cristal for this week’s post!

The best thing about Cristal’s look is that it is quite varied.

It can range anywhere from silk pussy-bow blouses, ruffles, and Jackie O pencil skirts, to slick tailored suits and dresses, lace tops, and vibrant co-ords.

Cristal has also been partial to prints such as leopard and plaid, but she especially likes to go for pieces with strong colours.

Even though the items worn by the character on the show came from designer brands such as  Givenchy, Dolce Gabanna, and Gucci, to name but a few, the type of looks worn are actually very easy to recreate on the high street.

Just check out our Cristal inspired picks (#af) below.

These are VERY Cristal Carrington so if you want an element of her style in her wardrobe, you’re in the right place!







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