Sunkissed Santorini Makeup!

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I’m still getting a few questions in DM’s over on my Instagram about a super dewy make up look I created when in Santorini a couple of weeks ago, so I thought I would publish a blog post featuring a list of the products used.

It’s actually a pretty straightforward look overall and one that can be easily recreated.

If you have any questions, however, just pop them in the comment box below and I will get back to you asap.


As night time in Santorini is still quite warm, whenever I was doing my makeup for dinner each night, I opted against going too heavy on the foundation, etc, and instead kept it more on the sunkissed side.

Throughout the trip I was wearing my Wonder Water Face Mist (which, as I mentioned on my Insta Stories yesterday, also makes for a great makeup base) so this allowed me to go foundation-free each day while at the time same enjoying a nice colour.

At night, I would usually pop on a little foundation however. Illamasqua and Milani are two of my big faves.

For my foundation for this particular look however, I used shade 4 from the Complete Contour Palette. It was actually Chloe Boucher who first alerted me to how fab this shade looks as a foundation! Ever since I saw her wearing shade 4 from my palette as a foundation, I have often used it as a full base rather than just a contour!

For my contour in this look, I used the shades in our fab new SOSUbySJxRosieConnolly Radiant Magic Palette.

These are brand new contour shades and have not been featured in any other palettes.

The blusher in the Radiant Magic Palette is a beautiful subtle pink, but for this look, I wanted more of red-based blusher so I opted to use the one from our Sunset Trio Palette. This shade gives the cheeks such a gorgeous colour and looks amazing over tan!

While I’m on the topic, I’m often asked what I use to soften the look and buff product in the skin.

For me, the key tool is a dampened Pro Blender Sponge. It makes such a big difference.


On my eyes, I used the highlighter and the contour shades in the SOSUbySJxRosieConnolly Radiant Magic Palette. The contour shades look amazing on eyes, especially blue eyes as they really make your eye colour pop.

I also styled and filled my brows using the new SOSUbySJ Brow Kit.

Before applying my Alex lashes (using these tweezers and glue), I lined my eyes using our SOSUbySJ Eye Voltage Liner.

This liner is one of our new releases and it has SUCH great staying power!


On my lips, I’m wearing the SOSU Kiss Me Can’t Cope Lip Kit. Check out the full range here!

There you have it guys, the full run down on the products I used to create this look!

As you can see, the palettes in particular are very multi-use. For instance, the powder contours can be used as eyeshadows, the cream contour as foundation, etc. If you travel a lot, or, if you like to keep your products to a minimum, or indeed if you just want to save in terms of makeup spending, then it would definitely be advisable to purchase a palette as you will always get so much use from it.

Any questions, guys, just pop them below!


Please note that two of the links (Illamasqua and Milani) are affiliate links. Please also note that Suzanne is an ambassador for Cloud 10 Beauty.

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