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I haven’t blogged in a while as I have been up the walls with SOSUbySJ, but recently I have been getting a lot of questions about holiday accessories so while I had a rare half an hour to spare this evening, I thought I would put together a quick post about my ultimate must-have holiday accessory – the Panama hat (or boater hat, as they are sometimes called). Sometimes they will also be mistakenly referred to as fedoras.

When I’m on holiday, I always bring away two or three Panama hats, each one in a different colour so they will go with different outfits.

There’s a number of reason why I love wearing them and would highly recommend them as part of your holiday wardrobe.

Firstly, they’re so flattering on and are far more practical than floppy sunhats which can be quite big and awkward. Sunhats don’t tend to go with every look as much as Panama hats do, and I also find they take up more room in the suitcase so overall Panama hats are just a much better solution.

For me, their main benefit is to protect the face from harmful sun rays. The rim almost acts like a visor which is handy when you’re somewhere quite hot and want to keep the sun off your face but don’t necessarily want to wear a baseball cap.

If I’m somewhere hot, I never sunbathe as I’m keen to protect my skin as much as possible. Also as I’m such an avid false tan user, I don’t feel the need to waste time sunbathing. (You can check out my holiday tan routine here) I never spare the SPF but as additional sun protection for my face, I always pop on a Panama hat.

Panama hats tend to take an outfit from casual to stylish-casual and there are lots of styles out there at the moment with serious summer vibes.

I like to pick up a new one every so often because I know I will get so much from it.

I had a beautiful one made when I was in Puerto Rico earlier this year but I have also picked up some fab Panama hats from sites like PLT and Zara.

Forever 21 also have some great styles at the moment!

Check out these beauties that recently caught my eye!

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