New Product Love: Spray On The Go Moisturiser

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I know I’m late to the game with this product review as it has been on the shelves for God knows how long but it’s a new fave of mine and so I wanted to share why as I do get a lot of questions from people asking me about moisturisers.

If you follow me on Insta Stories, you’ll know I share a lot of my own personal beauty routine, and in particular my tanning routine. Given that the most important factor of a killer fake tan is a good moisturiser, I’m always being asked about which ones I would recommend, and so as a result, I’m always buying new moisturisers to try out whenever I’m in somewhere like a pharmacy or Duty Free.

On a recent trip to Portugal, my cousin who was with us on the trip, went into town to buy some bits and pieces so I asked him to pick me up a moisturiser. While he was in the shop, he facetimed me so I could see what moisturisers were there.

As he was scanning the phone along the shelf, I spotted the Vaseline bottle and asked him to get that for me as I had always wanted to try it. It was the Vaseline Spray & Go.

Since I got it, I have been using it on the regular ever since. It feels unreal on!

There are two other formulas in the Spray & Go range but the one I have been using is called the Cocoa Radiant Spray.

Long term readers will know I was always a big fan of Vaseline (although in fairness, who isn’t? Those little tins are life savers!) so I knew it was very likely that a Vaseline moisturiser would leave me impressed. As the weather was very hot in Portugal, I was adamant that I wanted a moisturiser that would be very hydrating but not take forever to dry in or leave a residue on my skin.

The first thing I noticed when I tried the Vaseline Spray & Go was how fast it dried. Now, the bottle that I got had a label with text written in Spanish, so I had no idea what to expect or what exactly it was promising, but I looked it up afterwards and it turns out the Spray & Go formula is a fast absorbent one and best of all, non-greasy! It also promises to heal dry skin. I do suffer from dry patches so I was able to try it on these also.

(C) Vaseline

Ever since I started creating products myself, I find myself noticing small technical details about the packaging and components of other products. It’s mad because they seem like such minor details, but when you’re in that industry, you see how massively important they are! For instance, the one thing I really liked about the Spray & Go bottle was that the nozzle provided a continuous spray as opposed to a spritz type of spray. I found that the continuous spray was really handy for body application. I did think I would have to use loads of it given that it is a spray formula but that turned out not to be the case at all. You only needed a small amount for lots of coverage.

I’m a stickler for applying moisturiser after a shower and I have to say, I honestly loved using this one as the scent was DIVINE (you know me and my thing for scented body products) It just left your skin feeling so unbelievably fresh and hydrated. It also gave a beautiful glowy finish to the skin.

In terms of tan prep, the Spray & Go would definitely be a good one to try out but it all depends on your skin type and what your skin reacts best to.

It’s certainly worth a try, however, and at just over €7, it’s a steal.

If you have any questions guys, just pop them below and I will try and get back to you asap 

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