Top 5 Summer Braids


Let’s face it – When the weather gets warm, long loose hair styles just don’t cut it.

How many of us go out in the morning with freshly blow-dried hair loose and billowing? Then by the time we’ve walked for the bus its sticking to our necks with sweat or hanging limply in our faces – By 11am we have it tied up in a messy unplanned knot. Frustrating girl problems 101.

Instead, we’ve looked up some quick and easy alternatives that will keep your hair out of your face but keep you feeling Summer cool. This season we are all about the BRAID! It’s cute, it’s playful, it’s Summery.

Here are the top 5 Summer braids to try:


1) Giant Messy Braid

A giant messy braid looks effortless but really edgy at the same time. It’s a nice change-up from  regular polished plait, plus it is also a really sexy night time look too! Simply braid your hair really loosely and pull the plait apart – the messier the better.


2) Milk Maid Braid

The milk maid braid or braided crown has become more and more popular as a Summer hair choice, especially on the festival circuit. If you’re not a dab hand at french braids, why not braid a length of hair from the back of your head and just wrap it across your crown and pin instead? Easy peasy!


3) The Blended Braid

Funk up a simple pony tail by blending a braid into it. Simple but effective!

> on June 15, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

4) Mix N’ Match Braids

Why not use a mish mash of different sized braids and intertwine them for a messy, ‘looks more complicated than it really is’ hair style. If it’s good enough for Blake, it’s good enough for us!


5) Volume Braids

Whether its a fish tail or a regular braid, insert some va va voom by back combing your hair first – including your scalp.



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