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SJP Is Returning To Our Tv….But What Role Will She Play?!?!


It’s been a full 10 years since the finale of “Sex and the City”, and with it, the disappearance of Sarah Jessica Parker from our tv screens. Some good news then, for those of you who idolised Carrie Bradshaw, the woman who made tutus stylish and sex columnist who must surely be one of the most famous journalists of all time??!

SJP is making a comeback and playing, obviosuly, a journalist!! This time around though, instead of writing for Vogue she’ll be solving crime and maybe kickin’ some ass along the way!!


SJP is said to have signed on to play a female reporter in a pilot based on the real-life story of two female reporters who uncover corruption within the Philadelphia Police Department in 2009. Parker is set to play one of the leads in the series’ limited run, which is from the same group who brought us the smash hit True Detective, which helped completely revive the career of Matthew McConaughey. While we’re not expecting all glitz and glam from Sarah this time around (probably the opposite if True Detective is anything to go by!!), we’re just glad to have her back.


Now if only someone would start writing new episodes of Sex & The City…..

(Images and source – Huffpost, HBO)


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