Top Fashion Tips For An Interview


First impressions mean everything in an interview situation, so picking out your interview outfit is sometimes as important as the answers you’ve prepared.

They say that you literally have 15 seconds to subconciously win someone’s opinion of you over. This of course mostly comes down to how you carry yourself, your body language and facial expressions …but as shallow as it sounds sometimes its the way you dress too.

So while we cant prep you on your work experience or your cv, we CAN help you with your wardrobe.

We’ve compiled some top tips for wowing that interview.


Research Research Research!

– While its wholly important you research the company you’re interviewing with for content of the interview and job role itself. you also need to research what kind of environment you’d be working in. Is it an office? Is it retail? Adapt your outfit to the position.

– Obviously if you are trying for a management level job in finance or business you want to look smart. Power suits, tailored pants, crisp shirts and blazers. If its possible try check out what the employees already where there and fit in with the look.

– If its a retail or more casual uniformed environment you can tone it down a bit more. But still go ‘smart casual’. For example if its a shop floor and the staff all wear jeans and tee’s – Go with the skinny jeans but add a smart blazer and heels or boots.

It’s important to still look professional no matter the job role, but little tweaks can be made to cater to each sector.


– Accessorizing can be dependant on the job. If it is an office environment, minimal jewellery is best. Small delicate jewellery or none at all. Unfortunately some businesses will frown upon excessive or unusual piercings (as old fashioned and silly as that is) sometimes its better to leave them covered or removed until you get the job and have a proper feel for the place. Same goes for tattoos.

– Depending on the job though you can jazz up a power suit with a statement chain or a nice colour block bag and heels once the job is not too high end.

– Show a little of your personality, whether that be with a patterned blouse or printed tailored pants, if possible try show a bit of yourself, you do want to make yourself stand out on the day. Employers want someone who’s polished, professional but with personality.

– Try have one key piece in your outfit, too much colour or pattern can be fussy. So either a printed blouse a coloured skirt or blazer.

– If you are going for a skirt or dress make sure the hem line isn’t to short, especially when you’re sitting down. Try out your outfit the night before and check.


– Finish off your look with polished hair and make-up. Don’t go overboard with the make-up however, natural is best, and perfectly groomed hair is essential. It goes without  saying make sure your hair is washed beforehand. Neat and clipped nails or a manicure is a nice finishing touch.

– Be comfortable. Plan your outfit well in advance and try on everything before. Never impulse buy a style that you ‘think will suit’ but isn’t something you’ve worn before. If you don’t feel comfortable it will come across in the interview and you won’t be able to give it your all. Being comfortable in what you’re wearing can have an effect on how you carry yourself, so now you can see that Fashion is just as important as experience 🙂



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