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Whenever a race day comes around, I’m inundated with messages from ladies looking for the type of dress that they can also wear to other occasions, such as weddings, etc.

Personally, I love the fashion-freedom that accompanies ladies day and race meets.

They’re a great place to try out new dramatic or daring styles that you might not otherwise get the chance to wear. After all, you can be as bright or as bold as you want when at the races!

That said, the simple classic looks never fail to impress.

If you’re unsure of what to go for, or, if you don’t feel confident enough to wear a striking eye-catching number, then stick to looks that are timeless classics!


Don’t forget, when it comes to race meets, the hair and headpiece/hat are equally as important as the dress!

Below you will find a mix of simple classic looks, and striking statement pieces from ChicWish, Coast, and ASOS.

(ChicWish.com  is a boho/indie fashion website I stumbled upon recently. This company is based in Hong Kong however, so make sure you know your exact measurements before buying. We all know how much sizes tend to vary from one country to another!)

The looks featured below are also VERY versatile, in that they can be worn to weddings, nights out, etc.

Mid-Sleeve Golden Embroidery Mesh Dress

Where: ChicWish.com

Price: €44

I love this dress, and the Eastern style golden embroidery on it is so gorgeous!

As you can see, it’s VERY detailed so you would definitely need to stick with plain heels and minimal accessories.

Textured Sleeveless Pink Dress

Where: ChicWish.com

Price: €33


02 Textured Sleeveless Pink Dress
This is such a pretty feminine number, and perfect for the races!

Pair it with a headpiece or a hat, and you have yourself a simple racing classic!

The dress itself has a textured finished and a fine silky white lining. It would look fab with a tailored blazer and a necklace from Newbridge Silverware’s new collection eShe.

Bonded Peplum Hem Pencil Dress

Where: ASOS, click here

Price: €67

Now this is a sexy number!

You could totally imagine wearing this at Ladies Day with a large extravagant hat or headpiece.

It’s a beautifully structured dress that will take you to any occasion, however if black is not your colour, then you will be pleased to hear it’s also available in a shade of lavender!

For €67, this is a bargain!


I have been really impressed by the selection of occasion wear on the Coast website.

Some of the items are so elegantly structured, and the colours are ridiculously beautiful too! Perfect for a day at the races!


Tessa Peplum Dress (€200) //  Lori Lee Lace Short Petite (Also available in light pink – €158) // Margarite Dress (€158)

coast 2

Debbie Sparkle Dress (€26) // Glamour Bow Dress (€200) // // Kudos Pleat Dress (€168)

Chi Chi London Embellished Bodycon Dress with Long Sleeves

Where: ASOS, click here

Price: Was €47, now €21


I love the design on this dress and the way it really helps give the figure some nice definition.

As your arms and decolletage are covered, this dress offers you the perfect opportunity to draw focus to your legs.

A great fashion show tip for using light to create the illusion of longer slimmer legs is to apply one streak of highlighter cream down the centre of the leg (rather than all over the leg). This way, the light subtly bounces off the centre section!

Natural Glow Blue Embossed Mesh Dress

Where: Chicwish.com

Price: Was €60, now €45


If you like to make a bold fashion statement, you will love this embossed dress.

The deep blue colour and striking design makes it very eye-catching. You will definitely stand out from the crowd in this!

ASOS Blue Floral Pencil Printed Bodycon Dress

Price: €63

Where: ASOS, click here

Floral has always been popular with summer race meets and occasions.

This pretty number would look particularly race-worthy when paired with a white headpiece and heels.

Lotus Dream Embellished Pleated Maxi Dress

Where: ChicWish.com

Price: €52

This embellished maxi dress is so elegant! Its high waist design also makes it a good choice if you are conscious of belly weight.

As you can see from the picture, the beautiful black lotus design is on both the front and back.

It’s also fully lined so you don’t need to worry about the white pleated skirt being see-through!

Pixie Embellished Frilling Chiffon Dress in Pink

Where: Chic.wis.com
Price: €39


On the right girl, this dusky pink number would look so pretty!

Because of the frill chiffon detail on the upper section however, I think it would probably be best suited to ladies with small busts.

Contour Dress

Where: Coast

Price: €176

contour dress

This is one of those dresses that you will have for years to come.

It’s so beautifully elegant that you can wear it to any occasion, and, because it’s quite simple, you can make a statement through the accessories you twin with it.

This is the perfect dress to wear with a a striking hat or headpiece.

Birds Prints Organza Dress

Where: ChicWish.com

Price: €45


This is the kind of fab dress I can imagine the actress Amy Adams wearing!

It’s so girly and cute, and absolutely ideal for summer events.

This would also make for an adorable date night dress!

Song of Canary Pleated Dress with Crochet Hemline

Where: ChicWish.com

Price: €50

The great thing about this chiffon dress is that you can create two VERY different styles through accessories alone.

Strappy heels and jewellery make it perfect for a formal occassion, however, if it’s the indie/boho look you are trying to create, then you could pair it with a long cardigan and knee-high brown suede boots.

ASOS PETITE Peplum Dress in Texture

Where: ASOS, click here

Price: €59
If you like structured form-fitting pieces, then you will love this elegant dress!

This high-waisted peplum number has a bodycon fit and is designed for ladies who are of petite height.

I’m a big fan of this style!

Happy shopping!


Photo credits: chicwish.com / ASOS.com


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