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Beyonce & Jay Z Divorce Rumours Strengthen

Beyonce and Jay Z in concert 'On The Run Tour' at Minute Maid Park, Houston, America - 18 Jul 2014

About 6 weeks back, we brought you guys news that things may not be so rosy behind the scenes for Beyonce and Jay Z, and that a divorce may be on the horizon. Well, it seems those rumours are gathering pace, with a variety of media outlets quoting all manner of reasons from people supposedly close to the couple.

Time magazine reported yesterday that the talk behind the scenes is that once the couple’s On The Run tour finishes they may call time on their marriage. First off, this is Time magazine, not your usual tabloid, or headline-grabbing gossip site. Secondly, the person who supposedly broke the news is the same person who first announced that Katie Holmes was to divorce Tom Cruise.


Both of those are compelling reasons to believe this may be more than the usual rumour mill, and to add a little fuel to the fire, Beyonce actually responded by posting pics of a seemingly happy family of herself, Jay and their daughter all holding hands, as well as one of her with her sleeves rolled up and the slogan We Can Do It. Beyonce doesn’t normally even entertain rumours like this, so is it a sign she’s fighting hard to put on a brave face for the media, or is she really defiant in the face of all the talk and saying that things between the pair are fine??

The latest news from the so called source is this – “They are trying to figure out a way to split without divorcing. This is a huge concert tour and they’ve already gotten most of the money from the promoters up front. There are no rings, if you haven’t noticed.”


All we know is, for now, things continue as they have for the past 8 years. The power couple, worth $900 million combined, continue to be the most influential duo in the music industry and their On The Run tour is set to cement that status. Once the tour finishes, it’s anyones guess what happens the couple, but it’s something the world will be keeping a close watch on over the coming weeks and months.


(Images and source – Time, International Business Post, Tumblr, Instagram, Celebrity Yahoo)



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