What I Wore: Dark Lip, Top Knot, Jeans & Crop Top!

what i wore

Hey everyone,

I hope you all had a nice weekend!

So on Friday night, myself and my friends got together and went to Siam Thai in Malahide for dinner before going on to a club afterwards. With a busy working week, multiple trips to visit my sick nanny and searching for missing Ringo (my friends dog who is now home safe) all evening, I really wasn’t in the mood to go getting ready never mind head out on the town!

I had no tan on, my hair was a mess and I had nothing to wear (I know me, a fashion blogger with nothing to wear, but I SWEAR! haha!) I think I was just in one of those moods.

After a hot shower though, I was in much better form and decided to get into the spirit of things and head out with the gang.

what i wore 2

Top: Similar here // Jacket: Similar here // Jeans: here // Bag: YSL // Boots: Louboutins

I quickly decided to go with comfy jeans and a top (typical me ha!) While in Dallas last April with RewardSTYLE I wore this fab crop top and havent worn it since, so I went with that and my high-waisted mollys.

To finish off the look I chose my comfy Louboutins booties and a stunning waterfall jacket that I was kindly gifted while in Donegal thanks to McElhinneys department store, which I believe sold out online that evening. It really is FAB on and I hope they get some more back in stock.

In relation to my makeup – omg, I was blown away by the response. You guys really loved the lippy. I was actually in two minds about it before I went out, so much so that I snapchatted (@sosueme_ie) asking what everyone thought and after every snap came back saying a big yes – I went with it, so thank you all for that 🙂

Sometimes, you just need the extra push or boost to wear something a little different!

what i wore 3

The lippy was by SLEEK Makeup and it comes in shade ‘Mulberry’. I am going to do a full makeup blog later and I also hope to record a makeup and hair tutorial this week to showcasing the look, so if you want one – let me know in the comments on Facebook under this post.

My hair was literally thrown into this bun and after getting it shaped nice and pinned down, I used a tonne of hairspray for that sleek look. It really wasn’t hard to do, so I hope to show you all in a video tutorial this week too.

Have a lovely Monday and I will catch up with you all later!


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