What I Wore: Black on Black

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Hello ladies,

So, this evening’s post is all about fashion, beauty and a little tip for life made easy… 🙂



Last Saturday I was out for dinner with some friends in Siam Thai. We had just finished our meals and we were settling the bill and I remembered how useful the app I collaborated with before would be in this instance.

You might remember over Christmas I collaborated with a money transferring app called CIRCLE. Basically I was getting the bill and everyone was fixing me up and it stuck me that the app would be perfect for that kind of an occasion where if one person get’s the bill, everyone else can just download the app and transfer the money to the bill payer right there and then – HASSLE FREE.


The app is so handy and it makes it so much easier to settle a bill after a get-together or just transferring money to and from for any reason. I like things like that because it just cuts out so much hassle and fuss! A lot of you did tweet me over the last few weeks requesting the name of the app I was chatting about and so – it’s CIRCLE 🙂

While I’m talking about Saturday night, lot’s of you wanted the details about my look, in particular the makeup!


The supremely talented Michelle Regazolli Stone did my makeup, and I LOVED the look she did on me. She went for a quite a smokey eye and then finished with a nude lip. Michelle also used my SOSU Contour Palette and Glow Kit in her application, as well as my SOSU Chloe lashes – these are my fave and only €15. You literally get up to 20 wears with them so they are worth it.

Jane from Red Velvet did my hair. I decided to go for a beachy wave instead of curls. I’m really loving the wave look at the moment. It’s very soft and girly which I think is so nice for this time of year.

suzanne jackson outfit

For the fashion side of thing – I wanted a look that would be dressy but not too OTT so I wore my own SOSUbySJ black jeans, these jeans are so bloody comfy and the stretch in them is amazing! The feedback about my denims has been really good, so I’m thrilled. For the top I wore an old H&M x Balmain piece from the 2015 collection. That top is a firm favourite of mine but unfortunately it’s no longer available. If you like studded tank tops, check out these tops here,  here, here and here.

My boots are my Louboutin booties which I bought about four years ago. They were an investment buy and they have definitely served me well. You can get similar here (but with fringe detail)

So there you have it guys! Hopefully I have answered all your questions, but if you have any more, feel free to comment below or just Tweet or Snapchat me.

Have a great evening! 

*This blog post is partly in collaboration in with Circle app 

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