The Techniques That Will Change How You Moisturise Your Skin!


We all throw on our moisturiser not thinking twice about how we’re applying it.

There is, however, an application technique to ensure that your skin benefits as much as possible from the moisturiser.

To improve your complexion, and to help stave off those signs of ageing as well as help your skin look smoother, there is a specific way to massage the moisturiser into the skin.

The technique will also help the circulation in your skin which in turn will keep your skin looking healthy and naturally a-glow!


First, dot the moisturiser all over the face and neck. (Don’t forget to apply this massage technique to the neck as it will help tighten the area, which is often the first place that shows signs of ageing as it begins to lose its elasticity)

Next, move your hands upwards, pushing gently against gravity, before then using your knuckles to massage the cream into the skin, in an upwards circular motion.

To finish, lightly tap the skin with the tips of your fingers.

It’s a little time consuming, but if you have time to do it, it’s worth it!





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