What’s The Newest ‘Oscar-Inspired’ Shade This Season?


Now that the buzz of this years Oscars has started to die down we can look ahead to what fashion trends the event inspired.

We spoke about Jennifer Lawrence and her ‘Backwards Bling’ the other day (Read here) which is sure to be a sexy Summer trend for the back-baring ladies.

But what about the colours we saw on the red carpet? We saw the usual neutrals and metallics, with pops of reds and navy. What we hadn’t seen much of before was the beautiful pale blue shade worn by ‘Best Supporting Actress’ winner Lupita Nyong’o.


The 31 year old Yale graduate spoke to Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet before her big win. When describing her fashion choice (which was custom Prada) she mentioned that she loved the shade as it ‘reminded her of Nairobi’. (Lupita was raised by her Kenyan parents in Nairobi before moving back to the USA)

Twitter went into meltdown with the hashtag #NairobiBlue spurned on by E! correspondents Kelly Osbourne and Ross Mathews who delighted at this new name for the fresh shade.

We suspect that this pastel baby could be a top shade for the rest of Spring into Summer.


We can see this being this years ‘Wedding Shade’ for guests and bridesmaids. Though it complimented Lupitas gorgeous dark skin, it’s actually a shade that will suit everyone.

Watch this space, this hue is sure to be all over the high street soon enough …




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