What I Wore To The Transformers Premiere: Floral Dress & Pearls!


Last night myself and Dylan headed along to the film premiere of Transformers: Age of Extinction film. I don’t usually go to a lot of movie premieres, but it was one of those rare occasions where we both had the night off, and so, we decided to head in to see it.

Dave, my movie reviewer for SoSueMe.ie and the one who usually goes to these events, had told me it would be a very dressy affair and advised that I go all out on the style because I would be walking the ‘blue’ carpet where there is usually a sea of photographers.

Living in Malahide, I dashed down to Cari’s Closet  yesterday and quickly picked up a fab summer dress – seriously, that shop never disappoints!

The night itself was so much fun, and even though I hadn’t seen any of the other Transformer movies, I still thoroughly enjoyed it and found it really good.


What I Wore: Dress: Cari’s Closet // Shoes: Louboutins // Pearls: River Island

Up next, I will be doing a full makeup blog post on last nights look!

Sue xxx




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