FITNESS: Looking For An At Home Workout? Here It Is!

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Hey guys!

I am so delighted that you all enjoyed reading my previous post about gym supplements. The range of supplements and shakes available is so vast that it can understandably be very tricky for beginners to know which ones to buy, so I’m really glad you all found my post helpful in that regard!

The fitness blog in general seems to be going down really well since I introduced it a couple of weeks ago, and lots of you have been emailing me positive feedback which I really appreciate.

Before I go on, I just want to remind you that there is still time to enter our supplement hamper giveaway with Bodyfirst Nutrition – you can enter it here.

Also coming up this week is an exciting competition that I will be running in conjunction with a well-known brand of gym footwear, so stay tuned for that one too!

Today however, I will be writing about home-exercises. In my last blog post, I asked you, the readers, what topic you would like to read next, and although 68% of you wanted to know what Sue’s diet consisted of, a strong contingent on the SoSueMe Facebook page requested an at home workout feature for stay-at-home mums, people who may not make it to the gym, or, people who simply cannot afford a membership, (which is quite common by the way, so don’t feel bad.)

So today I have written a blog post that contains 5 essential at home exercises that I feel will target the main areas women regularly complain about.


1. Burpees


These are a great overall body exercise. As you can see from the picture above, they work a number of muscles in the body. You can also make these harder by adding a push up in the middle of the exercise.

This move is excellent for not only strengthening almost every major muscle in the body, but also for increasing your overall metabolic rate to burn calories quickly.

Since burpees are so intense, performing 10-20 consecutively can keep your metabolism going long after your workout, and you’ll also enjoy the added benefit of cardiovascular endurance!

Burpees are an awesome fit for any circuit training workout, helping to keep your heart rate up and your intensity high. They will soon become your best friend! 🙂

How to do this exercise?

  • Starting from a standing position then lower into a squat position with your hands on the floor in front of you.
  • Kick your feet back so that you are now in the push up position.
  • Kick your feet forward again before returning to the start position.
  • Finish with a jump with your hands reaching over your head.

2.Mountain Climbers


This is another great exercise for burning fat, as it is high intensity. It is also a compound exercise, as it uses several muscles and joints simultaneously. The steady running motion targets your glute and leg muscles, including your quadriceps and hamstrings.

Your core muscles, including your back, hips and abs, work hard to keep you stable. Even your shoulders and chest will feel tension. It will also improve your balance and co-ordination.

In my eyes, this is a great exercise for shedding that unwanted body fat. Again, you should be taught how to carry out the proper techniques of this exercise before performing it.

How to perform this exercise?

  • Get into the plank position. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders and shoulder-width apart. Your feet should be hip width apart, and keep your arms and legs straight. Keep your core tight and your back should be in a nice straight line with no arch.
  • Once you feel stable and in a nice athletic position, bring your right knee under your abdominal muscles and then return it to the plank position. Repeat this with your left side.
  • As you get more comfortable with the exercise, speed it up. Aim to do 20 on each leg when starting off.



Once again, another great exercise that targets a lot of different muscles. It will hit muscles such as your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves, along with your erector spinae, abdominal muscles, abductors and adductors (hips). Basically, if you want toned legs and bum, then I’m afraid this exercise is a necessity!

How to perform this exercise?

  • Start with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Sit back as if you’re sitting into an imaginary chair.
  • Ensure you keep your chest pushed out and heels on the floor throughout the movement.
  • Once your hips are as low as your knees, stand back up into your starting position.
  • You can use a pause at the bottom of the exercise, or even a jump at the end, to make it harder.


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Lunges are perfect for hitting the quads, glutes, and hamstrings, and will also call your abs into play as you struggle to maintain balance. There are many variations of lunges, including walking lunges, stationary lunges, and, reverse lunges, so switching it up is a great way to avoid hitting a plateau.

The great thing about lunges is that they can be performed anywhere, at home or in the gym, and with or without weights.

How perform this exercise?

  • Place hands on your hips, standing tall with your chest out.
  • Take a big step forward with one leg.
  • Lower your hips until your back knee is almost touching the floor.
  • Push through your front leg, and return to starting position.
  • Repeat on opposite leg.

5. Plank


Planks are a great starting point for people who are new to exercise.

They are so simple, but yet so effective, and best of all, they target your whole core. Trust me, it’s definitely worth including planks in your daily exercise regime.

How to perform this exercise?

  • Starting with the pushup position is the easiest way to get into the plank.
  • Lower both your forearms to the ground so that both your elbows and fists are flat to the ground. Your palms should be balled up, and directly underneath your shoulders.
  • Curl your toes under and engage your abs by tilting your pelvis and pulling your belly button toward your spine.
  • Straighten your body but keep your neck and spine neutral. Imagine that you’re a plank of wood, and that you’re as straight as an arrow.
  • Flex your abdominals and squeeze your glutes. These are the two major muscle groups you’ll be working out in this exercise.
  • Hold this position, also known as the plank, until after the burning begins. Keep your eyes on the floor in front of you. Avoid raising your behind. Your body should make a straight line from your heels to the back of your head.


So how do I put it all together?

Ok so what I would do is use these five exercises as a circuit style workout. You will go from one exercise straight to the next one until you have done all five.

When you have completed all five, you will take a one minute break before repeating the lot. You will do this five times. It will really challenge you and should leave you in a sweat by the end, but it will be worth it! You will burn plenty of calories while at the same time hitting as many muscles as possible. Aim to carry out the following program of exercises at least 4-5 times a week and your fitness journey will be off to a great start!

1. Burpees (x 1o)

2. Squats (x 20)

3. Mountain climbers (x 20 each leg)

4. Lunges (x 20 each leg)

5. Plank (hold for 30 seconds)

Remember, this is just a guide! Fitness levels can vary greatly from one individual to the next, so adjust them to suit yours. Some people will do less reps and time, and there are some who will be able to do more. Find what works for you and then aim to get a little bit better each day.

Remember to challenge yourself, and if you’re not in a sweat and struggling by the end, then you’re not pushing yourself hard enough! 🙂

That’s it for this week guys! If you have any questions, just get in touch!

You can email me on: [email protected]





  1. Trisha Kelly
    10 December 2014 / 13:10

    I like these exercises

  2. Nicole Dempster
    12 October 2014 / 10:00

    definitely going to give it a try!!

  3. rachel hannon
    18 September 2014 / 21:53

    love it 🙂

  4. Mary
    30 August 2014 / 23:13

    I want to try this with my friend. But shes pregnant and in her first trimester. Can she still do the workout?

  5. Ciara Kelly
    15 August 2014 / 14:57

    Super post!
    Yeah we do these in a kelltlebell./bootcamp style class I go to
    but should try and do more at home myself 🙁

  6. Cara
    15 August 2014 / 10:45

    Ah the dreaded burpees…. haha!

  7. Zara
    14 August 2014 / 21:07

    Repeat 5 times – I nearly died after one lol- grieat one for home though

  8. Laura Falvey
    14 August 2014 / 09:48

    Definitely going to try this workout

  9. Rachel Walsh
    13 August 2014 / 21:34

    Love it, definitely going to give it a try

  10. Claire Nolan
    13 August 2014 / 21:03

    Great little workout, will definitely try to include it in my routine!

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