Here’s The Healthy Way To Enjoy Those Christmas Treats & Drinks WITHOUT The Guilt!


Yes Christmas is a time of indulgence but if you’re on a diet or a clean eating plan then you’ll probably already be dreading the inevitable guilt you’ll feel following the Christmas Day drinks & chocolate binge.

Well there’s no need to!

In fact there is a way you can enjoy those Christmas drinks without destroying all your good work to date. Bestselling fitness author and motivational speaker, Pat Divilly, outlines for SoSueMe readers the best form of damage control this festive season.

Pat Divilly


If you plan to have a couple of drinks, then before heading off on your night out, Pat advises drinking a teaspoon of wheatgrass mixed into a smoothie or a juice, followed by 5g of glutamine in water, and then finished off with a teaspoon of omega 3 fish oil.

He explains, “The wheatgrass will help to alkalize your body, while the glutamine helps with gut health and the Omega 3’s with brain function.”

Pat also adds that the best drink to go for when out is the NorCal Margarita, as created by fitness expert Robb Wolf.

It’s pretty easy to whip up so if the bartender has never heard of it, just tell them you want: a shot or two of tequila, the juice of one lime, some club soda and ice. 

Pat explains that this drink is a low-sugar option with the added lime “blunts the insulin response from alcohol.”

The Naked Paleo author also advises drinking a glass of water after each beverage. As Pat, explains however, this isn’t a free pass to get drunk every weekend but rather a form of damage control for when you do have a few drinks.


Sweet Cravings

If you are determined not to over-indulge this holiday season but are worried about the cravings, Pat reveals the best ways to tackle them.

He explains, “Sugar cravings, and in particular chocolate cravings, are one of the most common struggles I hear about from those looking to improve their eating habits. A craving is a sign that your body is deficient in something. Try consuming some coconut oil off the spoon. This should help release the craving, but, if you really feel the need for a chocolate hit, then try mixing the coconut oil with a little organic cocoa powder. Another good tip to curb cravings is to take a magnesium supplement.

He adds, “another great way to satiate a sugar craving is to enjoy some grapes or strawberries straight from the freezer. When grapes and strawberries are half frozen, they actually resemble a sorbet so it’s ideal for those of you with a sweet tooth. It’s worth noting too that strawberries are lower in fructose than grapes so if you are watching your sugar levels, stick with strawberries.”

Don’t forget guys, in Rosanna Davison’s weekly blog for SoSueMe she has posted lots of recipes for tasty treats that are healthy as well as super-delicious! You can view her recipes for SoSueMe right here.


Sugary Drinks

If you want to an alternative to sugary drinks this holiday season, then try flavoured water. Not the shop-bought flavoured water however. As Pat explains, shop-bought flavoured waters are full of additives and sugar, but homemade flavoured waters on the other hand are an extremely healthy substitute. Sue is a big fan of homemade flavoured water.

The fruit and herbs won’t completely change the taste of the water but rather give it an extra kick.

If you prefer stronger flavours, Pat advises squeezing the juice from the fruit into the water or mashing the fruit and herbs in the glass before you add the water. If you rather the subtle flavour, then just add the fruit sliced.

Mason jar

To make your own flavoured water, here are a few herb-and-fruit combos Pat recommends.

  • Sliced strawberries, sliced lemon, and some fresh mint or basil leaves.
  • Handful of mashed berries in iced water. Add a dash of lemon or lime if you wish.
  • Fresh lemon and mint herbs combined with crushed ice.
  • Watermelon cut into cubes mixed with slices of kiwi and some fresh mint leaves.
  • Slices of cucumber and orange.
  • Sliced cucumber, some lime juice, and fresh mint leaves. Remember, the more leaves you add, the stronger the mint flavour.

There you go guys, the ultimate guide to enjoying those treats without the guilt! 


Pictures courtesy of Pat Divilly, Pinterest and Norcal.com 



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