Week 3: Sue’s Fitness Diary with Personal Trainer Jessi Kavanagh

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Hello again everyone! Jessi here!

So we have reached week 3 of Suzanne’s 8 week training plan, and the results have been amazing!

You might remember last weeks little hiccup where Suzanne’s stats had gone up following a slightly boozy weekend. Well here’s how we got back on track:

When I saw Suzanne on her first session after the weekend, it was obviously a little disheartening for her to see results go in the wrong direction, but this is exactly what she needed for that boost in motivation!

From Monday onwards, Suzanne went hell for leather on her food and training and the results proved it! Low and behold, her abs made an appearance!

If you follow Suzanne’s Instagram, I’m sure you saw the amazing picture she shared with you! I’d say you would agree she looked amazing!

However, I would like to explain in a little bit more detail how this works, especially in someone like Suzanne who is already quite lean!

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Prior to working with Suzanne, her diet and nutrition were less than ideal, but she was never overweight! Why? Well Suzanne is one of the lucky few people with a naturally high metabolism! As explained from the start, the goal was never weight loss but a change in body shape and toning.

The reason, after only 3 weeks of hard training and clean eating (with the odd cheat and sneaky drink) that these changes were so visible, was down to her low level of body fat. Now, someone who is overweight or carrying a higher level of body fat can still achieve the muscular gains, they just won’t be as visible so fast.

Of course, that is not to take away from all of the hard work Suzanne puts in! Believe me, when we train, Suzanne always gives 110%; pushing hard through every single session and taking everything I throw at her in her stride.

Once the clean eating, (and all the extra water I had her drink), took effect, the bloat and extra water from the weekend disappeared and she continued with her progress through the week.

So, by the end of the week the abs were visible, hence the saying “abs are made in the kitchen!”

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Pic from Jessi Kavanagh Instagram 

Everyone has that one body part that they focus on. No matter how well everything else is doing, that one part is all you look at! This is the case with Suzanne and her tum! However, as her trainer I look at everything! I noticed while we were working out the difference in her BUM! I noticed how much more pert and shapely it was.

Again, this is one of the areas we decided to give special attention to in our initial consultation. I have allocated special glute sessions in Suzanne’s plan to work towards that “Jen Selter” booty everyone seems to be lusting over lately!

I touched on this last week but here is a little breakdown of what we do:

Training Glutes

SQUATS (obviously!)
If you’re not into fitness you have still probably heard something about squatting and its link to developing a nice booty!fitness 4

This is always where we start. We first warm up using Suzanne’s own body weight. Then I add weights for Sue to hold and we do the same movements again. The importance of focusing on the glute itself plays a major part here!

We generally move on to another compound movement like lunges. Again, driving through the heels and focusing on the squeeze.

The next part for me, is arguably the most important for the reshaping. It’s the isolated glute exercises. We vary these each session but the basics are the same… focus focus focus on the squeeze! The ability to focus on the booty muscles while preforming these specific exercises can be the difference between success and failure when trying to reshape the behind! The most common mistakes include swinging the hips (especially in kickbacks) and allowing other muscles like the quads or hamstring to take over. Luckily, Suzanne took to this really quickly, so from day one, her workouts have been right on target, and it’s showing!

I cant wait to see what next week brings……..make sure you check in!

Remember, you can find all these workouts and more on my online training plans at bikinibody.ie

Jessi xxx

Personal Trainer

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