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The App That EVERYBODY Needs!!!


We’ve all been there. Woke up from a night out and checked the phone with trepidation, only to see that you’ve drunk-text waaaay too many people the night before. The Fear haunts you for days after.

Well, a tech company have said no more!! Thanks to a new App called Ansa, you can delete texts that have already been sent, even from the the other person’s phone! If you think you sent something you shouldn’t have you can still delete it, hours, days or even months later. It deletes on both phones and also from the Ansa server. “On-the-record” chats are stored on Ansa’s server. You can even log on from a different phone and access old conversations!


Selecting the “off-the-record” option ensures that messages are deleted 60 seconds after reading. The self-destruction feature for pictures and videos, works in the same way as on Snapchat. After going off-record, the recipient is notified and further messages and responses will be deleted.

Created by a 23 year old woman in San Francisco, Anso sounds like an App the everybody needs, and in an age when everything is open to being hacked, at least your embarrassing drunken texts to your friends can be curbed once that hangover wears off!!


(Images and source – WGN)


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