10 Essential Beach Hacks For The Summer


Ok, so we all love getting away to the beach when the glorious weather rolls in, but there are parts of the trip that can be a bit of a headache. Sand gets everywhere, your valuables can get destroyed and there’s the ever present danger of sunburn. Well, we’ve scoured the web to bring you the best tips and tricks for taking the headache out of the trip, so read on and get yourself packed up for a trip to the beach this weekend.

1 – Sunscreen. It’s important to know the differences in what’s available out there and to find out what type is best suited to your skin type.


2 – Bring a fitted sheet with you to the beach. It makes for a neat and sand-free area for you to set everything up, as well as being perfect for toddlers to keep them from wandering off.


3 – Freeze some Aloe Vera in an ice cube tray for Aloe Vera cubes. Instant sunburn relief if you stay out in the heat too long, and great to start healing up the burn before it gets too bad.


4 – So simple, so effective, and so many of us forget to do it!


5 – Pack some talcum powder for your trip. Talc is brilliant at removing moisture, so when you’re cleaning off your feet or body at the end of the day, shake some on the sandy area and it will literally start to fall off without any effort!


6 – Instant and long-lasting ice-pack for extra hot and dry days. This has the added bonus of keeping your drinks and food cool if you pack it in the food bag with them.


7 – Bring along an empty jam jar for someplace safe to store your keys and phone. It’ll keep them dry and sand-free!


8 – Speaking of valuables, this is a genius idea for anyone who spends a lot of time away from their bag either at the water or playing with kids.


9 – After a hot day in the sun, it’s easy to get dehydrated, so here’s a tip to make yourself instant, cheap slushies. Just freeze some Capri Sun the night before your beach trip and pack it with you when leaving. All you need then is to tear it open later when you want a snack. So easy and soooo tasty!!!


10 – Finally, for leaving, this is a great item to have in the car. A net laundry basket can take all the kids toys, or your own shoes, towel and whatever else you bring along. Put them all in, give it a good shake, and you have a clean and sand-free car heading home!


(Images and source – TheIdeaRoom, MichellePhan, LifeHacks, BuzzFeed, Pinterest)



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