My Marbella Beauty Must Haves!


Hi guys

So I am back to the land of living after a short break to sunny Marbella for a few days! It seems you guys had just as much sun as we did as Ireland has been in the high 20’s the last few days – how amazing!

If I had known it was going to be this nice here, I wouldn’t have spent the past few days in Spain! There’s nowhere nicer than Ireland when the weather is as beautiful as this.

As those of you who are following me on Snapchat will know, I headed over to Marbella last Saturday night for a 3 day break.

I know from your comments and emails that Marbella is a place you guys are really interested in, so if you are thinking of going there and want to know more, then check out this blog post I wrote last Summer.


Marbella is quite a glam location which is why I always pack a little differently when going there. Usually when Dylan and I take a holiday, we totally chill out and relax. We don’t even drink that much apart from a few glasses of vino with dinner. When we go to Marbella however ….that’s a different story entirely as it is party central!

We normally go to lots of beach parties and pool parties … it’s one of those locations where you can REALLY let your hair down and enjoy yourself.

When I checked my inbox following my trip, almost every second email was about Marbella, so, if you’re one of the many ladies who are planning a trip there this Summer, then you will definitely need to be prepared for those parties because let me tell you, they are nothing if not super-glam and it pays to be organised!

I have been going to Marbella for years now so I know exactly what beauty essentials to have with me at all times in my beach bag.

As a guide, here are my own top Marbella beauty must-haves:

1/ Sun Cream

sun creams

Last week, when I was in Penney’s picking up some last minute bits and pieces for the trip, I spotted this pack of 3 travel-sized Malibu sun creams in factors 8, 15, 30.

When you’re in Marbella and you’re drinking and attending beach parties, it’s easy to forget to reapply your SPF, but if you have a mini pack in your beach bag, they’re so much easier to bring with you. And it’s SO handy having 3 different SPF factors in one compact little pouch.

I used Boot’s Soltan Once SPF on my face and then one the Malibu SPFs on my body. Dylan prefers to use the lowers factors because he tans, but I’m a stickler for SPF and much prefer the higher factor.

2/ Tan


I never sunbathe, so whenever I go on a holiday I always ensure that I apply a tan. Last Friday, I had a Bellamianta spray tan done in my usual haunt, Allure Beauty in Drumcondra.

I knew I wasn’t going to get time to apply  my tan myself because I was going to be hosting shows for the Athlone Town Centre all day Saturday so I popped into Olivia in Allure and she gave me a fab Bellamianta spray tan.

If you are following me on Snapchat, you will more than likely have seen the fab colour I had after it on Friday night!

For the trip itself, I packed the Bellamianta Self-Tanning Tinted Lotion (in medium) so that I could keep my tan topped up if necessary, but as it turns out, I didn’t even need to top it up.

It lasted me perfectly for the 4 days I was there. If you are heading to Marbella, tan is a must! It’s such a glam place and EVERYONE there has a golden sun-kissed tan.

2016-06-01_1846Swimsuit: here //  Shorts: here // Cap: here

3/ Light Foundation

suzanne jackson

I normally don’t wear foundation at all when on holiday, but in Marbella, especially at the Beach Club, it’s nice to have a little on as most of the girls there tend to wear full makeup.

When in the sun, I don’t like wearing anything that’s too heavy or that will block my pores so when in Marbella, I opted for just a very light foundation, Bourjois City Radiance. I suffer from a little pigmentation around my eyes, but this foundation helped even out my skin tone.

The Boujois City Radiance is super light. In fact, it’s almost like a CC cream. It’s also very easy to apply to and is very long lasting. I usually wear it as a base for my foundation. The coverage is not amazing, but it’s enough for the Beach Club.

It does the job and has a lovely radiance in it as well. That topped with my SOSU Contour palette for a bit of bronze and highlight and you’re good to go!

4/ Garnier SkinActive Oil Infused Micellar Cleansing Wipes 


These are relatively new and I am already a a big fan of the Garnier Micellar cleansing wipes.

The wipes are oil-infused, and speaking as someone who suffers from dry skin when on holidays and will try anything that has the potential to hydrate my skin, they’re a God send! I always pack wipes in my beach bag.

They’re really good for when you want to freshen up (the heat can be quite clammy) but they’re also good for when you want to remove your makeup and reapply a fresh face, (or if you get thrown into the pool and need to clean up those panda eyes!)

5/ Eyelash Curler & Clear Mascara


Don’t wear fake lashes in Marbella during the day at the pool parties! If you are sprayed with champagne or thrown into the pool, the lashes will be hanging off in no time, so it’s really not advisable to wear them!

I have my lashes tinted before I go, and then for day time I use my No7 eyelash curlers and then apply a coat of clear mascara for that extra awake look!

6/ Soap & Glory Original Pink Body Spray

soap and glory spray

I don’t like to wear perfume on holiday during the day, but I do like to wear a scent so I always pack a body spray mist in my beach bag.

For Marbella, I packed the Soap & Glory Original Pink Body Spray. It’s great for helping to cool you down and the scent is seriously gorgeous too!

I just find perfume too heavy for somewhere as hot and sunny as Marbella during the day, which is why I always much prefer a light body mist.

Suzanne jackson marbella

There  you have it guys, my Marbella beauty must-haves! 



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