7 Ways To Increase Your Happiness!


Everyone has those days when their happiness levels needs a little extra boost.

If you are feeling a bit out of sorts, there are a number of things you can do on a daily basis that will help improve your long-term levels of happiness.

Here are our top 7!

Seek Out The Right Scent 


The scent you surround yourself with can do wonders for your happiness levels.

We are obsessed with scented candles but after reading research about the impact of particular fragrances, we’re definitely going to be on the lookout for these scents from now on!

Research shows that the scents such as vanilla and fresh cut grass all help to increase a feeling of happiness while the scent of pine can ease feelings of stress and sluggishness. Citrus and spearmint are both energising scents, and would be pretty handy to have nearby for those afternoon slumps.pine

While Jasmine is wonderful for easing feelings of depression, peppermint meanwhile is great for helping you concentrate as well as elevating your mood.

Strangely, it has been found that the smell of sunscreen is another happiness-inducing scent!

Hynosis & Meditation


Developing the habit of meditating takes time to get used to, especially as most of us are completely unaccustomed to sitting still and in complete silence. Once you make it part of your routine however, you will wonder why you didn’t start earlier. It will do wonders for your happiness levels and if you practice it each morning, it will set you up for the day.

Some people find it difficult to clear their mind as they find their thoughts start to wander. Don’t stress about this, just concentrate on your breathing. When you focus only on your breathing, it makes the process much easier.

A good quality hypnosis track should also help bring about an improvement. The really good ones are brilliant for really calming and relaxing the mind and are great to listen to at night because they will help you drift off to sleep. Glenn Harrold’s tracks are worth checking out and are worldwide bestsellers.

Give & Be Grateful


People who regularly carry out charitable acts are said to be much happier and more content.

Charitable acts can include helping out at the local homeless shelter of an evening or even volunteering to walk the dogs in your local rescue centre.

If time is in too short supply for acts of volunteering, then you can always drop in food to your nearest soup kitchen, or donate unwanted clothes to a charity shop.


The act of being openly grateful for what you have in your life has been scientifically proven to elevate levels of happiness.

In a journal, document 3 things each morning that you are grateful for and do this for 3 weeks straight. You will almost certainly notice a difference in how you feel.

Pin Those Plans


Research your dream trip and figure out a savings plan so you can make it a reality. Making plans encourages a sense of excitement. Vision boards don’t work for everyone, but if you think it will work for you, then get yourself a pinboard and start sticking up those holiday pictures and inspiring quotes. Just make sure to change it around every few days so that it doesn’t become stale and forgotten about!

Morning Routine 


If your morning is a rush, then your day will be a rush.

Yes the extra half hour in bed is always nice, but if you get up and spend that slice of time going for a walk, making a delicious breakfast, enjoying quiet time, or just generally getting a head start on your day without the mayhem.

Having this sense of organisation (and relaxation) at the start of your day will do wonders for your mood.



You will have heard this piece of advice a million times before but it’s one that has so much truth in it! Exercise, even just for 15 minutes, will give your mood such a great boost.

You don’t have to sprint, go for a brisk walk, do some planks & squats for the length of your favourite song, practice some yoga, or, if you want to go for an evening activity that’s a bit different but good craic, then grab a few friends and head to an indoor trampoline centre/rollerblade disco/etc.

There’s plenty of them out there.  00000009

And remember, if you eat mainly junk food, you will mainly feel like junk. If you eat good quality fresh food, you will feel better than ever. Your lifestyle and diet contribute to your levels of happiness in a big way!

Break Routine


Being stuck in a rut will undoubtedly affect your mood so break the routine by doing something different as often as you can.

Go on a random roadtrip, catch a late night film, sign up to a hobby course, join a zumba class, do anything as long as it breaks the rut and makes YOU happy.



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