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Dancing with the Stars – Week 9: Rumba❤️

Hey guys! I hope you are keeping well💞

As some of you may know, this past Sunday was week 9 and the Quarter Final of Dancing with the Stars! I still cant believe how quick the weeks are going by. This week myself and Michael danced the Rumba to one of my all time favourite songs from the Great Gatsby, Lana del Rey ‘Young and Beautiful’ which was mine and Dylan’s wedding song, so it really had a lot of meaning to it.

The Rumba was always a dance that I wanted to do, its such an intense dance that is so empowering and emotional and I was delighted when we were told we’d get to dance it, but I cannot tell you the level of detail that goes into it. We spent two days just learning the walks, a serious amount of time went into the technicality of the dance. I spoke earlier on my Instagram stories about how the music wasn’t your usual Rumba music and so it was hard to know which beat I was to go on. So instead we pointed out words that would trigger each move, this was the best way for me to remember the steps and I’m so glad I knew the song so well that it didn’t distract me on the night trying to focus on the words.

I completely engrossed myself in this dance. Looking back on it now I almost don’t remember doing it because I was so lost, in the words, the movements, the whole moment. I truly laid everything out on the dancefloor on Sunday and finally let it all go.

Its been no secret since I started the show, a goal for myself and Michael was to get all 10’s from the judges. Win or lose I just wanted to do a dance to the level that three of the most respected dance professionals felt it was good enough for them to give us the highest score possible on the show. To have achieved that goal on Sunday and also have Brian Redmond tell us that he’s never seen a Rumba like that before and the QUEEN Lorraine Barry tell me it was masterclass worthy has honestly blown me away. Our Rumba was the highest scoring Rumba EVER on Dancing with the Stars Ireland …. just WOW.

Regardless of what happens now on the show, Sunday was the pinnacle for me. I think it meant so much to me because it was our wedding song, the amount of work that went into the detail of this dance over the last week had paid off and as Brian said, he could see my confidence come back and that’s what really made me emotional.

You guys know, over the last 9 weeks and not to sound cliché but this really has been a whirlwind of a journey for me and somewhere along the way I lost some of my confidence and began to doubt myself but I really feel that I am coming back to myself and Sunday really helped give me a well needed boost.

You can watch our Rumba here:

We also got to do a really fun team dance this weekend. During the week the 6 remaining couples were split up into the Blue team (the Hand-Clap Hustlers) and the Red team (The Disco Dazzlers). Myself, Michael, Kevin, Laura, Carl and Emily were on the Red team aka the Disco Dazzlers.

Our team leader was the fabulous Lottie Ryan, who is the proud owner of her very own glitter ball having won her season of Dancing with the Stars. On top of learning our own individual dances we had to learn another full dance but we really had so much fun getting ready for this routine. You can watch the VT and Dance below:

I really loved the team dance because as Lottie said the dance doesn’t just depend on you so it takes away some pressure which allowed me to enjoy it so much more. The cherry on top was that we received the highest scores and the Disco Dazzlers were triumphant!!! 🥇🏆

This week for the SEMI FINAL!!! We are dancing the Tango! I am so excited, I really love the Tango, but now more than ever guys, we really need you to get behind us and help us make it to the final. That would be so incredible! When lines are declared open on Sunday’s show you can text Suzanne to 53125 for 60c/60p to vote for me and Michael. We’ve come so far now guys and it really would be incredible to be in the final, please vote for us 💞

Chat soon xxx


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