My Sligo Workshop Roundup!

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Hi Guys,

Happy Sunday….. what a minging day out there, it’s like winter 🙁

Last weekend, I held my Sligo workshop and I think it may have been my favourite one to date. The crowd were so interactive and it was great to see people asking as many questions as possible. I think maybe sometimes people are afraid to speak up when they have a question – that’s only normal – but never hesitate to ask ask me a question when I meet you or any my events. I love to be of any help!

You guys all save and work hard for the ticket fee of  €75, so I want people to get the best possible benefits from their time at the workshop. If that means asking 100 questions, then I want them to do exactly that!

I got such great feedback on the blogging seminar in particular, so much so that I’m going to launch my own blogging course/ lecture. This will be happening next month but I will give you more details at a later date.

If you want to be added to the Blogging Course Database – please email [email protected] and then put BLOGGER LECTURE in the subject bar. We will then email you the dates and locations when they are all booked in.

Very exciting.

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Before I go any further, I want to say a big thank you to the assistant general manager John and all the staff at The Glasshouse Hotel, where the workshop was held.

John was there the night before helping us get things set up, and he was constantly on hand throughout the following day too. No task was too big, and both he and his staff just couldn’t do enough to help us.

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I think everyone absolutely loved the afternoon tea the hotel provided. It was so yum! Weren’t those scones and little cakes absolutely divine? I’m having a cup of tea as I write this and what I wouldn’t give to be enjoying one of them with it right now!

Another big hit was our generous goodie bags – we always have the best goodies bag and we try to fill them with brilliant brands. This workshop goodie bag was loaded with lots of my fave No7 goodies including; the illuminating fluid, the dramatic lift mascara, the instance radiance highlighter.. St Moriz tan and lots of Essence makeup too, as well as vouchers and other bits and bobs. So big thank you to those brands.

I also want to say a massive thank you to Häagen-Dazs for the ice cream treats after lunch. They were delicious! I always love something sweet after my lunch and the ice cream was literally the icing on the cake 🙂


I could not write this post without extending a very warm and big thank you to the 3 nail techs Roseanne, Maura, and Lynn, who took time out of their day to come to the workshop and give gorgeous SOSU manicures to all those in attendance. Hope you all liked the colours!

Just so you guys know, I will be having nail techs at all of my workshops going forward, so if you are a nail tech, please get in touch so I have you on my database. Email: [email protected] with NAIL tech in the subject bar. I need to know where you live in terms of location and if you are willing to travel.

During the workshop, we had a fab TRESemmé prize for Best Dressed On The Day, the winner of which was blogger and artist extraordinaire, Zara McDaid. Isn’t her outfit so pretty?

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Thank you to all those who attended the workshop. I am so so pleased you enjoyed it and I was delighted by all your messages and social media picture tags following the event.

Aisling, a blogger from Pastel Polkadots even wrote a lovely review of the SoSueMe workshop here. So if you are thinking of coming, you can have a read of this review. 🙂

Delighted you enjoyed the day Ash, and thank you so much for the fab review!


Lot’s of you have been asking me to hold a workshop in your county. To be honest, I haven’t been booking in as many workshops as I’d like because I’m extremely busy with blogging and meetings in London, BUT all your messages and feedback have inspired me to start booking in some more.

At the moment, we are looking at hitting Donegal next month, and we are also hoping to hold one in Dublin and Galway soon.

I’ll keep you updated on all the details as they happen.




Happy Sunday!




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