YOUTUBE: How To Achieve Voluminous Hair!


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I am back with another hair tutorial for my collaboration with TRESemmé, bringing you guys informative HOW TO hair tutorials this summer! 🙂

Today we are chatting about VOLUME!

If like me you LOVE bouncy voluminous hair, then you have to try the TRESemmé Root Boosting Spray! I have used the root boosting spray a good few times now and I love it!

The very first time I applied it, I was just out of the shower when I spritzed some into the roots…(on that note, it’s a root spray so apply it only to the roots. Don’t spray it all over your hair.) I then blasted my hair with the blowdryer, but I didn’t brush it or style it. Straight away, I noticed the roots were lifted which surprised me because I hadn’t focused on blowdrying the roots. I just blasted the hair with the dryer. Afterwards I tied it up in a loose ponytail. When I later took out my ponytail that evening, my hair still had visibly lifted roots.

On another occasion I used the root boosting spray, I decided to see if the results from the product would be as good if I styled my hair when blowdrying it. I took a round brush and worked it through the hair while blowdrying it. Sure enough, once I was finished, it was full of lovely volume! My hair looked and felt fuller than usual. The fact that the product works whether or not you style your hair is a big bonus for me, because it just goes to show that the product is strong. The volume was long lasting too.11694044_870973069652758_5415892816519728354_nAnother thumbs up from me is, its also a non-sticky product, which is a big plus as far as hair products go! I don’t know what’s in it that gives the roots such a lasting boost, but there’s definitely something special, because no other product has ever given me results like that before.

To show you how to use the TRESemmé Root Boosting Spray, I have recorded a video showcasing root lift using the spray.

I should point out, that prior to using the root boosting spray, I washed and conditioned my hair using the TRESemmé 24 Hour Body Shampoo and Conditioner, so this may have also had some effect on how voluminous my hair was afterwards. I have been using that shampoo and conditioner duo ever since my trip to the Caribbean, because I absolutely love how soft they leave my hair feeling.

The TRESemmé Root Boosting Spray costs just €7.37 and can be bought in Tescos and larger Boots stores.

Happy hair-styling!

Sue xx



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