This One Tip Will Help You COMPLETELY De-Stress!

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We have all had those days where the stress levels just don’t seem to have an end in sight.

To make things worse, most of us hold the stress in our shoulder muscles which then leads to those horrible tension headaches.

If all this sounds familiar, then you need to employ this amazing technique for de-stressing and relaxing the mind!

It’s one used by athletes before an important competition and public speakers before they go on stage.
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All you have to do is:

  1. Inhale through the nose for 5 seconds (making sure that you push your stomach out as you breathe in)
  2. Hold this breath for 2 seconds
  3. Now breathe out through the mouth for 8 seconds

You will usually only have to repeat the process 3-4 times in order for the relaxation effect to kick in, but repeat it as often as you feel is necessary.

Trust us, it works!

We also recently came across this stress-beating juice recipe and as you can see from the ingredients, it’s packed full of key nutrients, all of which would have an amazing impact on everything from your mood to your concentration levels, and of course stress levels, if consumed daily.

Don’t forget if you want a full list of tips on the best ways to relax, check out this previous blog post Sue wrote on de-stressing!

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