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Hugh Jackman Raps With LL Cool J, Is Best Human Ever!!


We love Hugh Jackman. How could you not. The actor is famously the nicest guy in Hollywood, is never in the headlines for the wrong reasons, and for a man of 45 he’s in kinda good shape (see carefully researched picture for proof!!)

**RESTRICTIONS APPLY** Hugh Jackman and family enjoy a day at the seaside



We’ve known for sometime that there’s very little he can’t turn his hand to and be awesome at, like singing in Les Mis, or growing the most epic beard in tinseltown. Now, it seems, he’s expanded he’s impressive range of talents to out snooping Snoop Dog! Yes, Jackman stole the show at the Tony Awards during the week with this impressive performance, rapping his way further into our hearts!

So there you have it. Evidence, as if you needed it, that Hugh Jackman is the best person ever!!   😉


(Images and source – Huffpost, YouTube)


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