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Review: Slay All Day | BEAUTY

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Well hello there…

For today’s blog post, I’m doing my first beauty review of 2017!

As I explained on my Snapchat (sosueme_ie) recently, I’m going to be doing a weekly #NonSponsored Review Series for the whole month of January. To be honest, most of my reviews aren’t sponsored anyway, but I want to make a point of having a non paid review each week for the month of Jan, because I know you guys love and appreciate them.

So for the next 4 weeks, this week included, I am going to share one of my must haves that I have been using for quite some time now that I know you guys will love.

To kick things off, I want to tell you about a seriously amazing product that I have been using for the past two – three months now. This game-changer of a product will change your life … (ok well not literally but it will definitely make a big difference to your makeup routine!)

From previous reviews I have done, you guys will probably know that I was never really into makeup setting sprays all that much until I stumbled upon the NYX setting sprays some time ago and absolutely loved them. I also ended up becoming a fan of the Urban Decay setting spray.

Recently, however, I have found a setting spray that is, in my opinion, the best on the market!

Let me introduce to you; ‘Slay All Day Setting Spray’ by Gerard Cosmetics.

slay setting spray review 1

Gerard Cosmetics is an American brand and as far as I’m aware it’s not sold in Ireland but if, like me, you follow all the big American YouTubers and Instagrammers, then you will most likely have heard of the brand as it is VERY popular in the blogging and vlogging community!

I love watching Desi Perkins videos and I often heard her mention this particular setting spray so I was always curious to see what it was like. As luck would have it, Beauty Bay an online company actually sent it to me along with a number of other ‘best of the USA’ themed products during the summer and since starting to use it in the last three months I am hooked! It has totally won me over, and I know you’re probably like – it’s a setting spray, but seriously it’s brilliant, and I used while away in the Maldives too – so if my makeup can last in sever heat, then this product is defo a winner for me.

So What Does It Do?

This setting spray locks in your makeup and helps increase its longevity as well as helping with oil control.

Why Do I Like It?

There’s a number of reasons why it really stands out for me though.

1/ Their products are cruelty-free and as an animal lover, I love finding new products that are aren’t tested on animals.

2/ I am a big scent person. This spray does come in lots of different fragrances and I have the peach one. I love a beautiful fragrance and this setting spray smells absolutely gorgeous. Most cosmetic sprays don’t have the nicest smell in the world; I sometimes find they have a really strong scent, but this one is so nice! It’s like a peachy summery fragrance.

3/ Above all, it is a genuinely amazing product and every bit as impressive as many YouTubers have claimed.

slay setting spray review

How Do I Use It?

I have a particular routine in how I use it. I always like to first spray it on the skin before I apply my makeup so that my face is dampened and prepped. Then I apply my base, primer and foundation.

I find it really refreshing to apply it to my skin before my makeup. Once my makeup is on, and everything is done –  I close my eyes, hold the spray a few inches from my face and mist it all over my makeup. I find it keeps the skin looking matte but not dry and it definitely makes a difference to the longevity of my makeup application.

It comes in different scents such as cucumber, grapefruit, jasmine, lavender, lemongrass, and peach, which is the one I have.

What’s The Price & Where To Get It?

It is currently priced at €17.50 and available here, they also do mini bottles for €13.30 if you wanted to try that size first?

Let me know if you buy it or if you have it!

I think you’re gonna love it!



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