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Hi guys!

How has your week been? I am dying sick with the flu and to top it all off, I am feeling so unmotivated. In saying that, I have my workshop this weekend in Galway and I cant wait to get back into the swing of my workshops and meet you all.

So this morning when I got up, even though I was feeling like crap, I thought it would be a good thing to blog about something that makes me smile, so I decided to blog about the second resort we stayed at in the Maldives. It was such an amazing trip.


As you know from my first blog post before Christmas, Dylan and I decided to split our holiday between two resorts this year. The first resort, Maafushivaru resort, which was situated on a small island right out in the middle of the ocean, was very private and secluded, and would definitely be more ‘honeymoon-appropriate’ as it is very couple-orientated.

The second resort however, Kurumba, was much livelier and more family-friendly. It’s more of a holiday resort than a quiet romantic getaway.


What we really enjoyed about Karumba was it’s speciality restaurants. If you’re a foodie and you enjoy different types of food, be it Asian, Indian, Thai, Italian, etc, then you would definitely love this resort. The restaurants were fabulous, 5 star service and the quality of the food was second to none.

Our favourite was definitely the Indian restaurant, Mahal, which had all the traditional Indian food, packed with so much flavour and taste. They also had a vegetarian menu for guests to choose from which was brilliant. I’m trying my best to cute out meat so it was lovely to have some great veggie options. I actually didn’t eat meat once while I was away in the Maldives because they had so many delicious veggie options.

The Indian restaurant itself was also very romantic with its candlelit setting was so relaxing and tranquil – another bonus their wifi didn’t work in the restaurants, so it’s great just to switch off and enjoy the moment.


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The entertainment at night was second to none. At the first resort, there wasn’t really any musical entertainment per se, as the emphasis was all about relaxation so guests would usually go to bed at around 9 or 10 o’clock, but in the second resort, Kurumba, we got to enjoy a blues band one night, a jazz band another, a DJ, and a 12 piece musical band. Each night had something spectacular and it was great fun for the kids.

This resort also had a lot of day activities which I love – each day they had a schedule and some of the activities were brilliant. There was yoga in the morning, and different excursions throughout the day as well as a gym and a really nice spa.

There was something there to suit all types of interests really.

During our stay in the Kurumba resort, we decided to go snorkelling. I don’t know where exactly they brought us but I swear to God, I have never seen a more beautiful reef. It was one of the clearest I have ever seen.

This was also where we also got to see a Blacktip Reef Shark up close, which swam alongside us for about 5 minutes! It was so amazing! Such an unforgettable experience.

We snorkelled in the Maldives last year and even though it was beautiful, it wasn’t a patch on this reef!


We also enjoyed a sunset cruise where we were brought out to see dolphins. There were hundreds of them swimming around the boat. So surreal to see, they are such stunning mammals.

The Kurumba resort spa was amazing – while we were there it was actually Dylan’s birthday, so I treated us both to their full body specialty massage, which was their signature treatment and it was so enjoyable!


Overall Kurumba was a really nice resort, and it’s also very close to Mali Airport so if you don’t fancy the idea of taking another plane journey after you arrive – which is what we had to do to get to the first resort – then you are probably best to stick with Kurumba.


Kurumba really targets people with children. I think every second person there had a toddler with them whereas Maafushivaru resort was geared more towards couples & honeymoons.

As you will know from my first post, I absolutely loved Maafushivaru resort. That said, Kurumba had a great atmosphere, amazing food, and great entertainment. If you are asking which I preferred – I couldn’t answer that. Both were amazing, it really depends on what you are looking for and we wanted both and so thats why we decided to do it this way!


We got some really cool footage of the resort which I will be showcasing in my next video in the next week or two, so make sure you keep an eye out for that.

If you want to check out my video for Maafushivaru, then you can do here.

Have a wonderful day guys!


Since this post was published, we’ve had lots of emails from you guys wanting to know different details such as who we booked with, who we flew with, etc.

So here are the answers to your questions:

1/ We booked Emirates direct and we also booked the resort direct.

2/ Here is the website for the Kurumba, Maldives, resort: www.kurumba.com

3/ Here is the offer: Kuoni (01306 747008 or www.kuoni.co.uk) offers 7 nights with breakfast at the 5-star Kurumba, Maldives in a deluxe room and flights. Lead-in prices for May 2017 are from £1,408 per person, based on two sharing.

Hope that helps! x



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