Beauty Dupes: Benefit They’re Real Mascara!


Hi guys!

I’m back with a dupe blog post for you today.

I haven’t done a dupe post in awhile because there’s actually not that many amazing dupes on the market. So when I find a REALLY great one, I want to tell you all about it straight away!

Today I have a brilliant one for those of you who, like myself, love Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. Benefit’s award winning mascara is not cheap by any means which is a bummer because it’s so good!

I’m a big mascara fan and this particular one has been a favourite of mine for years. Those of you who read my makeup posts will already know that it has long been a staple product in my makeup bag.


It gives amazing volume and it’s long lasting, though I know that when I  previously reviewed it (which you can read here) some of you said you didn’t like how long-lasting it was because it meant to was quite difficult to remove. I totally get what you mean – it is a bit of a bugger to remove – but if you use an oil-based remover such as my own favourites Clarins and No.7, it flies straight off.

I find these are especially brilliant for being able to take off They’re Real in just a couple of swipes. (Read my No7 eye remover here.)


I also love They’re Real because it’s a great mascara for layering. My favourite look when it comes to mascaras is the doll-eyed look and to get this I like to apply one coat to one eye and then one coat to the other.

Then I will go back and apply a second coat to the first eye followed by a second coat to the other eye. The trick to layering is to let the mascara set a little but not dry when you apply each coat. You have to be quick with They’re Real but when you get it, it looks fab.

Of course, there are days when I prefer a more natural look and I find that this is equally as good for creating that kind of look too.

For me, They’re Real is the perfect mascara. Even the way the wand is designed, the spikes at top really get into the corner lashes.

Well about 6 months ago I stumbled upon a mascara that can only be described as the budget equivalent of They’re Real … W7’s Absolute Lashes.

image1 (1)

A pharmacy had sent me a big bag of makeup and when I opened the bag, I actually spotted the mascara right away because its packaging is identical to They’re Real. Even the wand is pretty much the same. I wore the mascara every day for about two weeks and in my opinion it’s the perfect dupe for They’re Real. I was so impressed. You really couldn’t tell the difference between the two.

Here’s the best bit. They’re Real is €26 euro, but Absolute Lashes is just €2.80. (It’s normally €3.50 but I know its on sale in some pharmacies for €2.80)

The only thing it doesn’t have in common with They’re Real is lasting ability. It’s not as strong in staying power as it’s Benefit twin.

image1 (2)

They’re Real literally does not budge. I know that some people don’t like that about They’re Real, so if you’re one of them but you still like everything else about They’re Real itself, then go with dupe Absolute lashes.

In my opinion, the formula in Absolute Lashes is every bit as good as that in Benefit’s They’re Real.

Available from pharmacies nationwide!

Hold you ejoyed this dupe! Let me know if you pick it up?


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  1. Emma
    4 August 2017 / 13:13

    Ah yes! Thank you so much for sharing this, found it on Amazon for £2.35, excited to try it! x

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