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Instant Summer Bronze from bBold


The weekend before last, I headed out for dinner with my sister Carla and her boyfriend Adam. It was all totally last minute, so I was completely unprepared tan-wise! I opened up my tan drawer, and the first one that caught my eye was the bBold Flawless Legs Instant Tan, which is an Irish brand. It was sent to me about three months ago but I had never gotten around to using it until that night.

As you know, I was recently in Marbella, and while I was over there, I picked up a light colour.

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When I got back, I still had a nice glow, but I always prefer a darker tan, so when we decided to head out with Carla and Adam, I figured I would top it up with some of the bBold Flawless Legs Instant Tan.

All the other tans in my drawer were of the developing-tan kind, so the bBold Flawless Legs Instant Tan was the one that caught my eye.

Now, it’s called Flawless Legs, but I didn’t use it on my legs, I used it on my arms, shoulders, and chest and it came out perfectly! Even though it’s designed for the legs, it’s not at all heavy.

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A lot of leg makeup products can be quite heavy and thick in terms of texture, but bBold Flawless Legs felt lovely and light on the skin. The one thing I noticed when I was using it was how easy it was to blend on the skin.  I used the dark shade and it provided a really lovely natural colour,  the coverage was also good, as it helps hide any blemishes or flaws which is always a massive bonus..

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When it comes to instant tans such as this, my trick is to always apply some moisturiser first and then apply a layer of instant tan with your tanning mitt. Some make-up based instant tans can be quite hard to blend especially if your skin is dehydrated or dry, but if you apply some moisturiser beforehand, then it’s much easier to blend in.

The tan lasted really well all night, and at the end of the night, I was able to wash it off pretty easily with soap and a wash cloth, so thumbs up all around from me! Such a great price too! It’s normally €12.99 but at the moment it’s on special offer for €6.99 in McCabes and Boots! 🙂

Happy tan shopping!



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