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REVIEW: The Amazing Rimmel Provocalips Lip Colours!


Over the weekend – I wore two lipstick shades from the new Provocalips collection by Rimmel and boy was I impressed with these lip stains.

If you have been reading my blog for some time now, then you would know what a BIG Rimmel fan I am. Hello Glam Eyes Liquid Liner, Hello Rockin Curves Mascara and Hello Kate Moss Lipstick, 107 and 03….. the list of my faves is endless.

Of course the new Provocalips Lip Colours were no different in my book of thumbs up, and, by the looks of the comments – you guys loved them too!

The new Provocalips Lip Colours deliver hi-impact 16HR endless colour with a delectably glossy finish. It’s kiss-proof, food-proof and transfer-proof, only coming off when you want it to.

On Friday night I wore number 230 Kiss Fatal which is a nice deep plum/wine colour. I was out for dinner that night with my family, which you can read about here, and even after my whole meal, I kid you not my lippy was still perfectly intact.

In fact, I had to remove it with a wipe that I had in my bag (I always carry a mini pack), so I could reapply a fresh coat. I was super impressed.

rimmel provocalips

On Saturday night, which you can read about here,  I wore number 200 I”ll Call You which is a fun and flirty pink colour, and once again – it lasted right through till the early hours of the morning.

rimmel provocalips 2

These lippys are a x2 step process so incredibly lightweight and flexible. What is this two step application I hear you asking and why? Well the first lippy stick is for that intense colour and the second stick (at the other end) is to add lock and shine to the colour.

What I will say is…. because of the strong staying power,  these lip colours do feel kind of dry on your lips because it literally doesn’t budge, so I would suggest adding a little bit of gloss to the top so you don’t have that matte feeling on your lips.

rimmel two pic

How To Apply:

Step 1: Apply a slick of colour to your lips, let dry for 1 min

Step 2: Apply the clear matte gloss to lock in the colour

Step 3: OPTIONAL – apply some standard clear gloss over the lips so your lips dont have that dry tacky feeling

Overall these lippys are brilliant. If you are after a new lipstick that comes in a wide range of colours, x8 to be exact, and something that LASTS for the night – then you need to try these out.

€8.49 is all they will cost you and you can get them from most pharmacies ie: Boots and McCabes etc.

Happy Shopping 🙂

Sue xx



  1. linda
    4 March 2015 / 20:59

    i bought 2 the other day nd i got the kinda baby pink nude colour and i found that it wore off in the centre of my lips and became quite crumbly… when i tried to re apply it honestly just made it worse… and i couldnt wipe it off with tissue because it was like glue on my lips… i tried the gloss and everything with it… i just dont like the texture or how it crumbled off my lips.

  2. Andrea Copues
    3 February 2015 / 01:06

    i have 4 of them and you are spot on they do not move love them

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