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REVIEW: Herra Hair Perfume!


Quote: When I first saw you , I fell in love. Well, not love love, but you smelled  nice!

If you read my Top 5 Perfumes blog post, then you would know that I smelling good and perfumes in general!!

Lately I havent gone outside the front door without a spritz of my hair perfume!!  Hair perfume you say? Yes… hair perfume and it’s amazing!!!

As you all know I have the Great Length hair extensions thanks to Valerie at Cowboys and Angels – she’s amazing at applying them. The owner of Great Lengths Ireland, Miss Kate Jane recently brought an amazing new hair care product to market here in Ireland and I have to say, I’m a new found fan!!

Herra Protect Hair Perfume is the first daily luxury hair product providing weightless protection with an alluring fragrance!!


Herra Hair Care was launched by Creative Director James Davis of Clay Hair Salon in London. James wanted to create a luxury hair perfume for women and that’s exactly what he did. There is nothing worse than going out for dinner or lunch and coming out of the restaurant with your hair smelling of food!! Do you feel the same? I have always been so paranoid about that!!

I’ve always had really long hair and so I felt that no matter where I went my hair would grab onto the smell in a room  or in the air, which would cause my hair to loose that freshly washed smell. After getting HOOKED with the new Herra hair perfume, I no longer have to worry at all. Two or three spritz over my head and I can’t stop smelling my hair, it’s so good!!

My mum always told me to spray perfume into my hair and I have done so for years, but I always found my hair would feel slightly dry afterwards, but with the Herra – my hair actually feels really silky! You have to try it!!

Packaged in an elegant glass handbag-sized 50ml bottle, Herra Protect Hair Perfume is a premium hair treatment that adds nourishment and protection giving weightlessness to the hair, maximising the moisture without weighing it down or being too greasy.

This fragrance smells so good and it really does last all day. The spray itself is a light mist and thank god it doesn’t cause any greasiness… which I was afraid of becuase I have very oily hair as it is!! Another great plus about this hair product is – it was designed for women, meaning it fits perfectly in the handbag! RESULT 🙂


  1. It doesn’t make your hair greasy
  2. It moisturises your hair due to the ingredients
  3. It smells like heaven.
  4. It protects your hair against UV rays


You can purchase the Herra Hair perfume from Great Lengths Ireland and it costs €29.50

Happy hair shopping!!!

Sue xx


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