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Treat Yourself To: The NEW Juliette Armand Anti-ageing Facial


Three weeks ago, I was invited to try out the new highly spoken about Juliette Armand anti-ageing Skinboosters facial in the lovely Buff Day Spa in Dublin.

I can’t lie, at first I was very nervous about having this facial. The treatment is known as an alternative to Botox, so as you can imagine, I was envisioning a very invasive procedure. A few years back, I had a really bad experience with a microdermabarsion facial. The products used during the treatment were not suitable for my skin type, and left my skin in a really bad way for months afterwards.

Anyway, after such a bad experience, I was a little apprehensive. After I arrived at the spa, I sat down for a consultation with my therapist, Abi, and it was during this that I explained my fears and concerns. She took me through the procedure and completely reassured me that it was very safe, and anything but invasive. She also explained that the entire Juliette Armand product ranges contain no bad chemicals, are all free of parabens, mineral oil free, allergen free and not tested on animals. That really put my mind at ease.


The first step involved cleansing the skin to remove all makeup and excess dirt, that was pretty straight forward. Then the therapist starts working the peel into the skin which caused my skin to tingle. The level of tingling you feel is down to the sensitivity of your skin. It’s perfectly safe; in fact, the therapist explained to me that it’s a sign that the treatment is working. The peel is the only part of the facial where you actually feel something happening. I found it very tingly, but as soon as I mentioned that to my therapists, she neutralised the peel with another product and the tingling stopped right away.

The Peel is a chemical peel which has 15% glycolic acid that works from the inside out of the skin and not just the surface, so overtime the skin looks more radiant everyday leaving you with firmer hydrated skin. Once the peel is over, it becomes SUCH a relaxing treatment. I have enjoyed many a spa treatment over the years, but this was by far one of the most relaxing I have ever had.

First the therapist applies two masks to the face, one for lifting and firming and one for contouring the skin, both masks contain muscle relaxers. The firming mask slightly hardens while it is on. While it is setting, the therapist gives you the most gorgeous head massage. I suffer really badly with headaches and sinuses, and the head massage relieved absolutely every trace of tension!

Once the mask was removed, the therapist massaged anti wrinkle serum into the face for about 15 mins – this was SO relaxing and I nearly nodded off 🙂

The treatment is finished off with an eye cream massaged into the delicate skin around the eye area, The Juliette Armand anti wrinkle moisturizer is popped on and a tinted SPF. All the products she used smelled unbelievably gorgeous.


he Serum and moisturizer both work off EffectoxT technology which means it slows down the muscle contration of the skin and therefore doesn’t wrinkle the face.

When the facial was over, I genuinely noticed a big difference in my complexion. It was definitely firmer, more hydrated, and those fine lines around my eyes weren’t as creppy either. It’s exactly the kind of facial I like.

You are not to supposed to wear makeup after the facial, however as I had a really important meeting to go to, I had to slick on a little bit. I’m not kidding when I say the makeup glided onto my skin. My complexion was so dewy too.

If you do the course of ten treatments most people see a 75% reduction in their wrinkles, similar to the effects of having botox without putting a foreign substance in your skin.


After seeing the difference in my skin after one treatment I have no doubt it works

Even a few days after the treatment, my skin looked and felt amazing. After such results, I would absolutely consider having the ten treatments.

At the moment I am using the Juliette Armand products such as the anti wrinkle moisturiser, anti wrinkle serum and eye brightening gel. So far, three weeks in, I am loving them, but it’s a little too soon to review the products in full yet, I like to test products out for 6 weeks first, and then all going good, they will make an appearance here.

If you would like to know more about them, you can follow them on Facebook.

So until then, stay beautiful,

Sue x



  1. Breda Fitzgibbon
    11 February 2018 / 10:36

    How much is the anti-adeing facial ,and do they do this facial any where else in ireland as i live in tipperary

  2. Anna Tomczyk
    8 August 2015 / 16:26

    sue can you review the other products now?

  3. Sue
    11 May 2015 / 18:55

    How much does it cost Suzanne?

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