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Looking To Head Away For a Night? Seafield Golf & Spa Hotel Is a Must Stay!!


As I have said before, every few weeks myself and Dylan head off for a pampering hotel break. We both have really hectic jobs, so we like to treat ourselves by booking into a spa/hotel for some much needed relaxation. If there is anything that will help me unwind the most, it’s a day of spa pampering and a night away! Yes blogging has its AMAZING, glamorous, perks but there are times where you just want to switch off your phone and delve into a world of pure relaxation! Not only is the job of a blogger filled with meetings, events, talks, and book signings, it has an aspect of 24/7 social media activity, and believe me when I say, that’s tiring in itself. I constantly have my phone in my hand, so when I go to a spa, I like to switch it off, and just enjoy relaxing for a few hours in pure peace and quiet. It’s absolute bliss and very therapeutic for me!

Last week, Dylan and I celebrated our two year anniversary. On the evening of our anniversary, I received a ton of emails from my lovely readers asking what hotel & spa I would recommend for such a special occasion, and so, I decided to write about a few hotels/spas that I have been to and LOVED – starting with The Seafield Golf & Spa Hotel, (which has a five time AWARD winning spa by the way!)

Dyl and I had stayed at The Seafield Golf & Spa Hotel in Wexford a few weeks ago, and it was such an amazing night away. I love two types of hotels, the old castle kind and the SUPER luxurious … and trust me when I say, Seafield is the reason words like ‘luxurious’ were invented! From the moment we arrived, I was so impressed.


The hotel is simply stunning with fabulous luxurious ornaments and decor. Location wise, Seafield is little more than an hour away from Dublin situated on the sands of Ballymoney shore – a world away from the city’s hustle and bustle….and just what I needed.

When we arrived, we were greeted by a lovely receptionist who checked us in and gave us our room key. After settling into our room, which can only be described as AMAZING, we got into our swimwear and robes and headed down to the Oceo Spa!


I had heard so much about this award-winning Spa that was I super excited to see what the fuss was all about…. and oh my God…. it did not disappoint. Simply heaven!! The Oceo Spa surpassed my every expectation. We spent about an hour unwinding in the thermal suite and in the outdoor jacuzzi/pool  – which is a must-have experience … simply stunning! After that, we had a bite to eat in the restaurant, which is located in the spa. Yes, it’s located IN the spa, so you don’t have to get dressed! You can order any meal you want off their fabulous menu and relax in your robes while you enjoy the food – how cool is that? This, for me, was my favourite part.

Being a fashion blogger, I always feel like I have to look my best whenever I am going for dinner, just in case I bump into any SoSueMe fans, but that evening in the Oceo Spa –  every one was sitting down to dinner in their robes and for me it was heaven! Eating, chilling with no makeup on, not a care in the world all while being casually dressed in a robe – bliss!!




Following dinner, it was time for our full body massage! The rooms in the spa are something to be commended – spotless, soothing music playing and dimmed lights! I couldn’t wait for my full body massage and facial!

My lovely therapist just let me unwind as she carried out my treatments. One of the products I asked her about at the end was an oil she used on my body and in my hair – it smelled AMAZING!!! The therapist explained that she used the PAYOT Elixir Body Oil which is a luxurious multipurpose treatment to soften and moisturise the body, face and hair whilst adding instant radiance. An oil that can be used on the body, face, and in the hair … multipurpose is right!

My body was left beautifully soft and hydrated! It’s also good to know that it is a great product for knotty hair and dry ends. Any girl with extensions will know you gotta keep the ends of your extensions in good nick! 😉 Of course I purchased the oil after my treatment and I still love it!!

Overall, the Seafiled Hotel & Spa is a MUST visit for me. We loved it and will definitely be back! If you love luxury, then you will be super impressed with this hotel! If you are after a nights stay with your girls, or to bring you partner away for an anniversary or a nice a treat – then you have got to check out The Seafield Hotel!

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  1. Gillian Doyle
    28 June 2014 / 12:28

    Hi sue, I’m admiring your hat that you’re wearing. Where did u purchase? I am looking for one like it for my hols. Many thanks

  2. Janette O'Rourke
    27 June 2014 / 16:33

    Oh Sue completely agree with you. I have had numerous breaks at the sea field- romantic with my hubbie Tom and GIRLY with my friend Lorraine. I also have my mum and Dad taking mini breaks in the Sea field. Have to completely disagree with Hilary’s comments, The rooms overlooking the golf course are warm as the sun is shining directly at the rooms but we pulled the curtains during the day when we were at the spa. At night time we left the full length sliding door slightly ajar as I think most guests do its extremely safe and each terrace is divided by shrubbery so its not really shared. I think the beds are so luxurious and comfortable and with the snow white crisp bed linen they are pure bliss to sleep in. Rooms are spotless and even the public bathrooms off the foyer you could nearly eat your dinner off the floor they are sparkling. We have also holidaysed at the Seafield during the Winter and one time we were in the Dydrotherapy pool and it was snowing… Amazing… HAve to recommend and i cant wait to return again xxx Janette O Rourke

  3. Hilary Tallon
    27 June 2014 / 15:12

    I was there recently and although the spa is lovely, the bedrooms were horribly warm and without aircon or windows (only a full length sliding door to a shared terrace), we didn’t sleep a wink. We asked some of the staff about it and they agreed with us that the heat was unbearable and it was hard to clean the rooms in it! Not sure we’d go again and couldn’t recommend it. 🙁

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