4 Tips for Better Eye Make Up


So it’s that time of year again! There’s endless parties to go and you may be running out of ways to ensure you look bright eyed and bushy tailed!

An easy go to eye make up look is always a winner! Below are three quick ways to make the most out of your eye make up to make sure your peepers always look perfect.


After applying a flick of black liquid liner on your upper lid, try popping some glowy, metallic based liner along the bottom lid. A bronze colour for example, will soften the look of your overall make up, while creating a frame around the eyes.


Applying a tiny bit of white shimmering eye shadow or white eye liner in the inner corners of the eyes will also brighten up the entire eye area, hiding those multiple nights of partying!


This one can be a time saver. If you’re in a hurry or you’re just not too skilled with an eye shadow brush, there’s a quick way to create a smoky eye effect.

After applying your eye shadow, draw some pencil eye liner along the upper lid and smudge it out at the corners with an eye shadow brush to create what appears to be a smoky eye.


Miranda Kerr has an interesting eye shadow trick. Here, she wears brown eye shadow, but it’s the shading that’s going on that makes it interesting.


By shading some eye shadow into the natural dip just below the brow bone and above the lid, it naturally draws attention upwards and makes the eyes appear bigger as a result.

Will you try any of these tricks?

(Images and source: Glamour, Cosmopolitan)





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  1. Edwina O' Leary
    17 January 2015 / 23:16

    This is great thanks Sue x

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