5 Simple ‘At Home’ Hair Tricks


We all love to try new things with our hair, but can’t always afford a drastic colour change or luxurious extensions. Sometimes we just get in a hair rut. The solution can be something simple.

We’ve sourced some easy ‘at home’ tricks that you can try to change up your hair style FOR FREE!

1) Want a longer pony tail? Even some of us with long enough hair find that once its tied up your hair looks inches shorter. For a longer fuller looking ponytail, Try tying your hair into two separate ponytails. One on top and one hidden underneath at the base of your head. This leaves half your hair at a longer length – creating a longer look. This works best on messy tousled hair. So try curling/waving it first then brushing out and even back-comb it.


2) Another trick for a fuller pony tail is to insert some bobby pins underneath your hair bobbin to ‘lift’ your pony from below. See pic below.


3) Growing out a fringe, or can’t afford a trim. Maybe you’re growing out your bangs, while you’re waiting, braid the bits that are growing into the rest of your hair. It keeps it out of your face whilst looking stylish in the ‘growing out’ process. The ‘milkmaid look’ is in right now with braided crowns for Summer.


4) For a funky Summer Festival look add a scarf to your head. Take a thin material scarf and a clear elastic and roll the elastic to the middle of the length of the scarf to cinch it in. Wrap it around the top of your hairline and tie at the back – Simples! This looks best on big boho waves for a really edgy Summer look.


5) For sleek smoother looking hair, switch your hair dryer setting to cool for the last few minutes of drying. This prevents your hair from over-drying. Try not to blow dry your hair every day to give it a break from heating. As an alternative, why not towel dry it until its mostly dry then braid it over night for a messy curly look in the morning.




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