Beauty: 5 Hair Tricks to Make Life Easier


Here at SoSueMe.ie we love a simple hair trick that saves us time and maybe even money. Here are the 5 best tips we have found.

cos-07-hairhacks-foil-deIf you have super straight hair, you’ll know the pain of trying to get your hair to hold a curl. There’s a simple little trick that might just help. As you can see above, roll your hair up, pop some foil around it and press it with a straightener to create a wave. The foil is a heat conductor that will help to lock the curl in place.

cos-12-hairhacks-roll-deThis looks like it would be so handy! Create a loose upstyle with just an elastic headband by rolling your hair over the elastic as shown and popping it on you head. Voilà!

cos-03-hairhacks-scalp-deThis is a completely new one on us! If you want you hair to appear thicker, add a little eye shadow that matches the colour of your hair along your parting. Worth a try!

cos-02-hairhacks-braidstraight-deThis trick could save so much time! Plait you hair in a single braid and run your straightener over it. The heat should create loose beach style waves!

cos-05-hairhacks-deAnd if you love the beach hair look, you’ll probably want some salt spray to finish it off. A really cheap way of creating your own salt spray is to combine roughly 500 mls of sparkling water with a teaspoon of sea salt and pour it into an old pump spray bottle. Recession proof hair!

Which will you try?

(images and source: guestofaguest.com, elle.com)


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