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Kimye Honeymoon in IRELAND!!!!


Reports are flooding in that Kim and Kanye have arrived in IRELAND for their honeymoon!!! It seems the star couple arrived in Cork in the last few hours and are planning to spend some time in a private estate in Munster somewhere (Castlemartyr maybe?)

The wedding of the year was full of drama and surprises for the couple (read about it all right here) and now it seems they have left Florence for a more peaceful getaway from the watchful eyes of the paparazzi on our shores.


It makes sense too, given the fact Kanye had his stag party here and that our own journos wouldnt be half as aggressive as some of the ones that Kimye are used to in and around LA. The only question now is whether or not Bey & Jay Z will join them for a stroll around Fota Wildlife Park with the kids, or maybe Scott Disick will make good his promise on hosting some insane parties here.


We know that they will be staying here for five days and that they want at least one of those taking in the sights around Dublin, so a pint in the Guinness brewery is almost a certainty!!

Eyes peeled people of Ireland for the next few days!!!


(Images and source – independent)


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  1. Taylor
    25 May 2014 / 19:41


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