Crazy For CLE! All The Deets On The SOSUbySJxCLE Makeup Collab

Ever since the launch of our strikingly colourful collab with Liverpool based makeup artist, Callum Edwards, aka CLE Makeup, we have been inundated with questions about the SOSUbySJxCLE collection!

So we decided to put together a blog post featuring all the details.

Don’t forget, all the items can be purchased separately here, and as a bundle, here.

The collection consists of 2 travel-friendly eyeshadow palettes, ‘Bare & Boujee‘ and ‘Azure Allure’, along with two luxury lash sets, ‘Divine Duo‘ & ‘Double Trouble’, all of which you can check out below!

Bare & Boujee

Our Bare & Boujee eyeshadow palette consists of 8 super-pigmented shades with a mixture of matte & shimmery formulas.

As you can see from the picture above, the shades, while eye-catching, can be used as much for soft daytime looks as they can for sultry night time looks.

The ultra buttery texture of the shadows means they will blend seamlessly together and will deliver a colour payoff that is on another level!

The shadows in both palettes also have major staying power  so you can enjoy long lasting results!

Bare & Boujee – here

Bundle with brushes – here

Azure Allure

Our Azure Allure eyeshadow palette features 8 bold & vivid eyeshadows ranging from rich green to royal blue and dramatic purple.

This is the perfect palette for creating a look that packs a serious punch of colour. Imagine these colours when smoked out! Divine!

Like Bare & Boujee, the colours in Azure Allure have been designed to blend seamlessly together.

Azure Allure – here

Bundle with brushes – here

Double Trouble

Our Double Trouble set consist of two lash sets, Lemonade and Pink G.

Both styles are made from 3D Synthetic Fibers and have maximum lash volume as well as a curved band for easy application.

The black band also intensifies the lash line for a sultry dramatic finish.

As with all our products, these lashes are completely cruelty free.

The SOSUbySJ glue is sold separately and can be purchased here or as a bundle with the lashes here.

Here are the two lash styles worn separately on CLE:

Lemonade lashes: 

A dramatic winged look can easily be created with these lusciously long lashes.

The lashes also increase in length & drama towards the outer edge of the eye for that added impact.

Pink G Lashes

The Pink G set are the ultimate lashes for that super dramatic & extra full lash look.

They have also been designed to be extra wispy with an added curl for double the effect.

Double Trouble – here

 Divine Duo Lash Set

Our Divine Duo lash set consists of an upper lash (called CLE) & lower lash (called Underdog).

Like our Double Trouble set, the Divine Duo lashes have a black curved band for ease of application and added intensity to the lash line.

The lower lash is comprised of super lightweight lashes that add definition and volume to your finished eye makeup look (trust us, definition to that lower lash can make SUCH a difference!) while the upper lash has a ton of extra drama, length & volume with an added curl for a bold finish.

The SOSU Lash Glue is sold separately and can be bought here or with the lashes as a bundle here.

There you have it guys, the full run down of the SOSUbySJxCLE collection

If you have any questions, just pop them in the comment box below!

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