Creating a Chip Proof DIY Manicure


It’s the age old question, how do you make a DIY at home manicure stand the test of time?!

While polish tends to last longer on acrylic nails, natural nails are a whole different ball game, so we’ve done a bit of research and come up with some top tips from those in the know.

ruffian-manicure-1According to expert manicurist Deborah Lippman, time is often a huge factor. In the world of three minute applications or less, it’s hard to painstakingly apply each coat of polish, but this is often the difference between a manicure that lasts beyond a day or two or not.

Start by applying a base coat of clear polish and allow to dry completely. Then apply your first layer of nail polish in your colour of choice, again allowing it to dry completely, apply a second layer of your colour and after it dries, finish with a top coat. Deborah recommends leaving at least two minutes of drying time between layers.

750x500-ds-photo-getty-article-176-186-87687757_XSAnother problem with DIY manicures is that as we hurriedly apply our polish, most of us lay it on too thick.

Deborah advises applying a very thin layer of polish, particularly for your first layer of colour. Although streaking might occur, don’t worry too much, as a second layer will cover over that.


Following these simple tips and choosing a good quality polish is all it takes ladies!

How do you make your DIY manicure last?

(Images and sources: Love to Know, How Stuff Works, Cosmetic Crave, Harpers Bazaar)


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