Dark Circles Be Gone! – Top Product Combo For Tackling Dark Under Eyes


Today we are back with a post on a topic that lots of you have emailed and asked about, and that is ‘How To Tackle Under Eye Dark Circles’!

As we get older and with the light Irish skin we are oh-so “blessed with” 😉 , under eye darkness can become a pesky problem and hard to cover with just a regular foundation. That’s why we have found (and tested) a  great high-street product combo that will help cover and conceal those pesky rings and have you confident and camera-ready in no time!


This is an amazing combination if you have medium/severe under eye dark circles. The NYX concealer comes in a deep orange shade that may look quite daunting when first applied due to it’s intense pigment, but once you put your regular skin coloured concealer over it, it becomes virtually invisible.

Lightly apply the NYX concealer first with a concealer or even flat eye-shadow brush ensuring to cover all of the dark purple shade that is under the eye.

As you can see from the colour wheel above, reds and oranges are positioned directly across from the blue-purple shades making it the counteracting colour for creating an even skin tone balance. After this is applied, go back in with a light concealer, approx two shades lighter than your foundation.

A lighter concealer not only covers the orange shade well, but it will also make the eye area appear brighter. (For you guys that have light under-eye circles this is a great concealer on it’s own.)

Once you are happy with the level of coverage, make sure to go in with a translucent powder to set your under-eye concealer to ensure your under-eye stays flawless and bright all night long! We have tried and tested this combo guys, and it really does work wonders and is nice and affordable too!


NYX Full Coverage Under Eye Orange Concealer – (Buy Here)

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (Buy Here)

Let us know if you try these products and what you think of them 🙂



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