Our Hairstyle Series: The Bob

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I always say the best thing you could do for your hair is to source an amazing hairstylist, because let’s face it, your hair is the one thing you wear EVERY day, and it does have a knock-on effect on how you carry yourself! A kick-ass hairstyle will always do wonders for your confidence, but if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, then there is nothing quite like the power of an entirely brand new style to perk you up and prepare you for a fresh start.

Following her recent break up with Lewis Hamilton, Nicole Scherzinger did just that! In fact, she unveiled her amazing new look last Friday!


Anyway I decided to gather some of the best hairstyles, so if you are looking for new hairstyle inspiration, hopefully you will find it here!

For this post, I am going to focus on the most classic of short styles. The bob!

If you are going for the bob haircut, be prepared to get creative if you want to mix it up a little! Remember all the styles Dannii Minogue sported when she was on the X-Factor? Who knew so much could be done with so little hair?? Granted, she probably had a little help from a few hair extensions, but even so, it just goes to show that you are not limited in terms of styles just because your hair is short.


A bob hairstyle won’t suit every face shape, so make sure you have a good chat with your stylist first.

When Jennifer Aniston cut her long locks into a bob, she immediately regretted it (even though she still looked amazing) and shortly afterwards, had extensions applied.

Don’t forget to share with your stylist what you hope you be able to with your hair once it is cut. If you want to style it in different ways like Dannii, then your stylist will make sure not to cut it too short.

You also have to remember that while a sleek bob may look like a simple style, it can actually be quite difficult to maintain, depending on your hair type, of course.pizap.com14244737869352A bob also makes it quite tricky to hide a bad hair day. With long hair, you can just throw it up into a ponytail, a bun, or a plait, but with a bob, bad-hair-day damage control requires a bit more effort and imagination, (unless of course you have either mastered the Hollywood messy-but-gorgeous look, or you’re one of those insanely lucky girls whose hair is just naturally co-operative!)

The Tools

Regardless of your hair length, the Instyler is a wonderful tool. I use it myself regularly (see here), and it’s so easy to use. Styling short hair with this appliance would be a breeze! A good quality round brush is also a necessity for blowdrying sleekness into the hair. To add a little texture to a short style, make sure you have a backcombing brush. I couldn’t be without mine!

If you do go for the bob hairstyle, don’t be afraid to experiment with curls. Personally, I love a loose curl, and I think the toussled style really suited Britney Spears.


Even though we tend to associate the bob hairstyle with one particular look, there’s actually a few different types of bobs!

To help you figure out which one would be bested suited to your face shape, I have listed each one beside its celeb example!

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The Typical Bob: Hair is the same length the whole way around.

The A-line Bob: Similar to a typical bob, but slightly longer at the front in order to frame the face.

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The Graduated Bob: A graduated bob is like a more dramatic version of the A-line bob. The hair at the front is longer, however as you can see, the hair at the back is stacked. You can choose to have a graduated bob with a high stack or a low stack. If you have never had this hairstyle before, it might be a good idea to ease yourself into your new look by starting off with a low stack, unless of course your intention is to spike the back of it, in which case you would need a high stack i.e. very short hair at the back.

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The Asymmetrical Bob: This is the name given to the style of bob that is noticeably longer on one side.

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The Layered Bob: A layered bob is like the typical bob but with choppy layers. This is a great look to go for if you like textured, tousled hairstyles, as opposed to sleek and straight.

Well I hope this post gave you plenty of inspo!

If there is any particular hairstyle you would like me to feature in this series, just comment below! 

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  1. Lee
    10 March 2015 / 17:14

    Hi sue, Im just curious about your extensions, I had the easilocks in for years and they just kept falling out (although they didn’t damage the hair) currently im coming to the end of my 1st set of great lengths which LOVE 😀 but i already can see theres been some breakage im just wondering when I get them out will my hair be in bad condition? Also do you have Great lengths still or do you advice any others? like the gold ones that are now on the market? Many thanks LOVE YOUR BLOG 🙂 Leanne xXx

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